Seriously what is up with that?
 I just read this article at Mamamia about

 Bert and Ernie and the possibility that they are gay.


They are puppets not people.

They have no genitalia. None. Nada. Zip ( well, they could have a zip but who cares?)

Why oh why do we have to categorize every little, damn thing?  Why can’t this be a friendship between two puppets on a kids program?

It was the same with Noddy and Big Ears.

Now lets be clear, in both these situations the friends are depicted as sleeping in separate beds but having a great friendship.

They share good times and bad. They support and care for each other. Sometimes they have arguments but at the end of the day they still are friends. And they live together. Not a big deal really. Lots of people flat together without the question of whether they are having sex or not.

Lets think of some, hmmm first off there was The Odd Couple a series about a couple of guys that shared a flat, one was anally ( teehee I said anal!) tidy and the other was a slob, nothing ever came up (lordy,lordy the double entendres keep coming. Uh oh there’s another one). Then  there is the likes of  Three’s Company Too two females sharing with one guy still no sex involved. Now we have Two Broke Girls, two broke waitresses living together, not having sex. I am sure there are many, many others.

So why is it that we have to bring sex into the equation? Why can they not just be friends of the same sex? Or is that so far out of the realms of possibility that we have to question it?

And while we are on the subject of males living together and being friends lets just look at a very popular television show of the 90’s, aptly titled Friends. In this show Joey Tribiani and Chandler Bing shared a flat. They hugged each other on numerous occasions. Yes, Joey was a ladies man and often had dates while poor Chandler struggled with the ladies. At no time was it ever suggested that they may be a gay couple and that all Joey’s womanising was in fact a cover for their relationship.Gratuitous link to Joey and Chandler Youtube clip  
(Why? Because it is still one of my favourite tv shows. STILL)
And yet we spend endless time trying to dissect the relationship of two puppets. They aren’t real, people, they live in a world of make believe and fantasy. Ditto for Noddy and Big Ears. Ok they weren’t puppets. They were cartoon characters ( and lets face it they had ridiculous names!).

What I am proposing is that we all take a collective deep breath ( ahhhhh doesn’t that feel better? ), focus on our own relationships and leave the kids programs to the kids. After all what these puppets and cartoons are showing our kids is that it is ok to be friends with other people of the same sex, that it is ok to care for and nurture bonds with other males and isn’t that a good thing? Don’t we want a world where we all just get along regardless of sex or religion or race or any of that other stuff that we as responsible adults are supposed to care about but really shouldn’t

Love is love and I for one don’t care who loves who, who is sleeping with who or anything else that consenting adults get up to behind closed doors. And I think it is high time we left kids programs to them, they seem to have this stuff sorted.

Love. Its all we really need.

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