I can hear my Inner Child sulking from here

If you are anything like me then you were raised on the idea that one day a man in shining armor was going to come and rescue you from your life of drudgery and whisk you away to a life of luxury. Now we all realize as adults that this is pure fantasy but our inner child still firmly believes it and is waiting patiently for the day that all her dreams will come true. Our adult, rational mind sets about creating a life for herself, working hard, doing all the right things but somewhere deep, deep inside a small voice can be heard asking  “ Where is my prince?”  or if you are married already the voice wants to know “ where is my life of luxury? Why isn’t my prince providing me with all the luxury that I deserve?” ( I know, such a first world problem *rolling my eyes* )

I know because I’ve been there. It just recently dawned on me that, even though I am strong capable woman with her own business, part of me is still waiting ( and secretly) hoping that my Prince will provide me with the life I feel that I deserve. I have to say it came as a bit of a shock as I have always considered myself a very independent woman but here I was getting frustrated that my life hadn’t panned out quite as I expected and blaming my husband for all the perceived lack.

Fairy-tales have a lot to answer for

Then I took a deep breath and started to delve a little deeper into my psyche and realized that its hardly surprising given the range of fairy tales that we were all fed as impressionable young girls. How entranced we were by tales of Sleeping Beauty or Snow White. One day our prince would come too! We just had to be patient. And then along comes books like ” Fifty Shades of Grey” which is a modern day fairytale for grown ups ( Okay, all you feminist ladies can stop rolling your eyes and gnashing your teeth! I bet if you look deeply enough you will find a faint glimmer of the inner child wailing for her prince too – I said deeply, ladies, look deeper. NO? Well its just me then)

So here I am at 52, admittedly with my handsome prince, but still feeling like he should be doing more to make me happy.  Where was my life of luxury?  Why wasn’t I showered with gifts regularly? After a few thoughts like that I started asking myself  “ Why was I waiting for him to provide it for me? What was stopping me from doing it for myself? That is when I realized that I had to let my inner child know that she was more powerful than she realized and she didn’t need to wait for any man to save for in reality only she can save her self.

Acknowledging that you are “waiting”is half the battle

Now that I have acknowledged my inner child’s longing I can go about making her feel safe and strong using EFT and meditation.

Some people are never going to admit, even if only to themselves, that this is a problem that they have. I must admit I didn’t want to admit it. I have always been independent. When I became a solo mum I felt kind of proud of how well I coped. I kept food on the table, the mortgage paid and the kids fed and clothed. In fact when my ( now) hubby came along I was all “I’ve got this covered. I don’t need a man” which is ridiculous. I was right  I didn’t need  a man but I sure as hell wanted one.

So where do we go from here?

Like I said before it is about letting your inner child know that she is capable of doing anything and everything that she wants to do. A lot of us have baggage from when we were kids. Maybe we didn’t feel loved enough or listened too or valued.

That was then, this is now and it’s not too late for your inner child to hear what she needs to hear and feel.

Here’s an EFT script you can try:

Karate chop: Even though my inner child is waiting for a Prince to come and “save”her I love and accept all aspects of myself and forgive myself for holding this so long. Even though my inner child would like things to be different I love and accept my life exactly as it is right now and I forgive my inner child and love and accept her.
EB: My inner child wants to know where her prince is
SE: I know that I am capable of looking after both of us
UE: I am willing to let my inner child know that she is loved and cared for
UN: I love and accept al aspects of myself
Chin: I am a strong capable woman
CB: No, I’m not

UA: I need someone to save me

TH: I’m waiting for my prince to come
EB: No I can do this
SE: I am capable

UE: I choose to believe that I am enough as I am now

UN: I’ve got this covered
Chin: Whew, it feels like a battle raging inside of me
CB: My inner child is not ready to give in
UA: I am not giving up on meeting a good man
TH: I appreciate the man I already have
EB: I am willing to invite in my highest and best self
SE: And know that I am fully provided for 
UE: I can give myself everything I need
( Deep breath)
UN: I can relax and know that I am loved
Chin: I love me
CB: and that is enough
Deep Breath and have a large glass of water.
 This is the start of a process and I suggest that you keep running through the above script and also tap on any other issues that may arise as you tap.
If you are wondering about the arguing back and forth this sets up cognitive dissonance in your brain which helps you clear the blocks and let go of old baggage.

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