Vaginas are mysterious and even those of us who have one are not fully aware of all the awesomeness our vaginas contain.

Somehow we have been led to believe that our vagina is something to be dismissed, ignored, even ashamed of. Sure, we know what to do to “maintain” our pubic hair. We know how to take care of our period stuff but we are still unfamiliar with all the workings of our vagina.

It’s not our fault.

Did you know science has only recently uncovered some of the mysteries of the clitoris?

Science had fully explored and understood the penis by the 1970’s but it took them until the 1990’s to discover that the clitoris has legs! It’s true, those legs extend back into the vaginal canal and wrap around the urethra. Scientists are also STILL debating whether the G spot exists.*cue eyerolling*

If scientists are so slow to uncover and discover all the mysteries of the vagina is it any wonder that we are left a little confused and distanced from this mysterious part of our bodies? I don’t think so.

The media has a lot to answer for.

Not to mention all the shit that the media dumps on us. Have you seen the ads encouraging us to trim our pubic hair? And it doesn’t stop there. We are made to feel embarrassed about our periods. I mean its so shameful they can’t even use red as the color for promoting tampons and pads because that would be gross. Except that we see more blood and guts in any standard action movie but period blood is somehow offensive.

We do, however, need to take ownership fo our awesome vagina and explore her hidden depths and wonders.

Did you know the clitoris has eight thousand nerve endings? EIGHT THOUSAND! Compared to the four thousand that men have in their penis. Yet, we are not having twice as much pleasure. In fact, the statistics on women’s orgasms are dismal.

One way of bringing ourselves back to the sensual, sexual, orgasmic women that we were born to be is by healing our yoni. Letting go of old relationship dramas. Healing famliy wounds. All of this can be done using a yoni egg. The more we heal and release the more our yoni awakens and sensation and orgasmic ptoential returns. Yes, really .

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