The body holds memoriy
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Trauma can mean different things to different people.

What is traumatic to me might be nothing to you.

The thing is, whether it is a big trauma or a little trauma, we all have some form of trauma stuck in our body.

Chances are high if you are a woman you will not only have emotions and memories in your body it will more than likely be stored in your womb or genitals.
There are two good reasons for that and I will help you understand that and, even better, get rid of them.

Two ways we store trauma and emotions in our bodies

(1) Inherited trauma

When your grandmother was pregnant with your mother the egg that became you was already in your mother’s ovaries.

Think about that for a minute.

Now think about some of the things that your grandmother may have been going through at that time or had already been through in her lifetime.

In my case, my grandmother would have been through one world war before my mother was born. Then my mother went through the second world war long before I was ever even thought of. Remnants of those hardships will have been passed down to me and passed on to my children too.

The issues that get passed on don’t have to come from living through war though.

Simply being female can bring with it all sorts of emotional stressors in this patriarchal world.


womb is the spiritual centre
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(2) Fight, Flight or Freeze

In any stressful situation we have three options, to run away, to stay and fight or to do nothing and freeze. Often we choose the latter – especially if we are female.

Anytime we don’t feel safe, as a woman, in this world our body goes back to these primitive solutions. It is part of our survival mechanism. PArt of our body that always freezes is the pelvic floor. When we are frightened or in a stressful situation two of our natural responses are to pee or to poop – hence the phrase feeling “shit scared” or “scared shitless”- so our pelvic floor tenses and those sphincter muscles close. This is a good thing – except that the muscles then stay tense and we hold onto that tension, and the memory associated with it until we do the work to let it go.

A tense pelvic floor will feel numb. Ther will be a lack of sensitivity which, ultimately, lead to trouble reaching orgasm. More than that though is the impact all of these stored memories can have on your female organs. Issues like fibroids, heavy bleeding, PCOS, and endometriosis ( and many more) can have an emotional component to them.

How can you release emotional issues?

(1) Yoni Mapping

Yoni mapping and pelvic floor massage can be one way of clearing and releasing emotional issues.  Simply finding the tension spots in the vaginal canal and massaging them will bring forth remnants of memories and enable you to process them, especially in the hands of a great therapist.

Yoni Egg
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(2) Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs have a similar action to pelvic floor massage. As you move the egg around while doing your pelvic floor exercises it presses on the acupressure points in your vaginal canal thereby releasing emotional blockages there.

I’ve experienced this myself while using an obsidian egg. This particular time it brought forth a memory that I haven’t thought of for over 40 years.

This is why I sell yoni eggs as a coaching package to support women as emotions come to the surface.

(3) Womb Healing Meditation

Meditation is another way that you can tap into some of the emotions that you have stored inside of you. Setting the intention at the start of the process that you are ready and willing to release that which no longer serves you is the key.

(4) Journaling

Journaling helps you to process a lot of fo emotions and the act of writing it all out is incredibly cathartic. Journaling can also be added to any of the other practices mentioned here.

I created the Yoni Love journal cards to help women reconnect with themselves and start to clear out some old stories about their sexuality



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