For Him;

So now that the girls know what to do to help keep the guys interested, what can the guys do to guarantee they get more sex?
 We  know that women are a wee bit more complex than men when it comes to sex so lets look at some simple steps you can take to help her feel more in the mood and more often
(1) Notice her.
Women love it when you notice that they’ve had their hair done or done something different with their make up or are wearing a new outfit. You see we are doing a lot of that stuff to help keep you interested in us and if you give us a compliment it means that its working, it means that you are really paying attention to US and we like that.

The very first time I got my eyebrows shaped and tinted I thought to my self “I wonder how long it will take my darling to notice?”. I was pleasantly surprised that he noticed as soon as he walked through the door. I shouldn’t have been because he really LOOKS at me, not just a quick glance but  eye to eye contact and I feel it in his gaze that he loves me. That’s what you want your lady to feel too.

(2) Tell her that you love her.

For no reason at all. Just tell her. You guys may be visual but girls are wordy. We need to hear the words spoken out loud. I know you are showing us everyday but we need to hear it too.

(3) Touch her.

Women need ten ( yes 10!) non sexual touches a day. Give her a hug before you leave for work and another as soon as you walk through the door. Hold hands while watching tv, stroke her back as she’s passing you. It’s not hard to do and we love it.  The more touching you do before we hit the bedroom the more likely we are to be in the mood when we get there.

Lets face it women are slow burners, so think of touching us as stoking the fire.

(4) The 10 second kiss.

We love kissing. If touching stokes the fire then kissing is adding even more fuel to it.

We are not talking about a swift peck on the cheek here though.

We want lip locking, tongue tangling, juicy kissing.

One great ten second kiss will make our knees weak and our hearts melt and we will be putty in your hands. And if we could have one of those  a day please, we would be very grateful, thank you very much.


Thank her for the dinner she just made you.

 Thank her for having your clothes clean and ready to wear tomorrow.

Thank her for running that errand for you during the day, when she probably had a million other little jobs to do.

If you thank her on a regular basis for all the little jobs she does for her it means you are not taking her for granted. When we slide into the murky waters of taking someone for granted we are often on the slippery slope of not noticing them, then comes only noticing the things they do that bother you and before you know it you are in the divorce courts wondering what the hell happened.

Make gratitude a habit and she will feel noticed, cared for and loved. Best of all she will also feel more like making love because she knows how much she means to you. Win/ Win.

(6) Call her a goddess.

The more you make her feel like she is something special the sexier she will feel.End of story.

(7) Call her gorgeous.

My husband worked next door to where I lived and before we even started going out I would see him most mornings as I went about my daily routine and whenever he saw me he would call out “Good morning gorgeous” and, just like she said in the movie “Jerry Maguire”,  he had me at hello.

Most women have some issue with their body but if you tell her how beautiful she is everyday, slowly but surely she will start to feel more confident about how she looks. A confident women is a sexy women and if she knows it she will definitely let you know too.

(8) “I just called to say I love you.”  ( I bet you just sang along to that didn’t you?)

That’s what Stevie Wonder sang in the 80’s  and it still works today.

In fact you don’t even need to tell her that you love her when you ring. Nope, just calling unexpectedly lets her know she was on your mind.

A sweet text will do the same thing but the sound of your voice will definitely make her melt more.

(9) Listen to her.

Look her in the eyes while she’s talking to you. 

Yes, I do mean tear your eyes from the television screen and even better, put it on mute. Now she has your undivided attention. She is not necessarily looking for a solution but she does want to engage with you.

Women often complain that their men don’t listen to them and it is generally because he’s not paying attention while she talks. I you believe that her opinion matters then connect with her while she is talking to you.

(10) Take your time.

When we are making love don’t race for the finish line. Good love making should be a marathon not a sprint.

Sprints are fine, every now and then but give us time to get in the race.  Slow and sensual is what we love the most.

All these tips have been about connecting on a daily level with your significant other. Helping them to feel cherished, loved and nurtured so that when you both step into the bedroom you are carrying that connection through into another aspect of your relationship.

What do you think ? What’s your best tip to improving your sex life? I would love to hear your comments or even suggestions of what you’d like to read next.

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