Great sex begins, first and foremost, in the brain.

Truly spectacular sex is a build of little things done throughout the day.

 Little things that let you know that you are loved
and valued as a human being

For her:
(1) Love your body! Nothing, I repeat NOTHING is sexier to a man than a woman who loves her body and oozes self confidence. When you love your body it radiates out of you like a halo of energy and men are attracted to it like moths to a flame.

The more in touch with your body that you are the more sexy you feel.  The sexier that you feel the more your lover will be attracted to you.

The bonus? If you are single and radiating how much you love yourself and your body, the more men will be attracted to you.

Start by focusing on one aspect of your body that you like. Make sure to tell that part of your body how much you love it and how great it looks. Once you are truly enamoured of it, pick another part of your body . Keeping working away at ti until you love all your body or, at the minimum, are grateful for what it does for you.

(2) Practise Gratitude.

Everyday I tell my husband one thing that I am grateful for that he does for me. Every night, without fail, he thanks me for cooking him dinner. EVERY.NIGHT.He’s been doing that ever since we got together 20 years ago. At first I thought it was a bit weird but now I realise he truly means it.

So find one thing that your husband or partner does and thank them for it.

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If that feels too weird then start keeping a gratitude journal and write down all that you are grateful for, not just in your relationship but in your life.

I have been keeping a gratitude journal for years and one of the first things I always write down is how grateful I am fro my loving and supportive husband and for how our relationship has grown and deepened.

(3) Ask him for help with something.

Men are solution based creatures. Whenever you are venting to him about one of your girlfriends, he thinks that you are wanting him to help you solve the problem.

When you ask him for help he feels needed and valued  just like you do when he hugs you or tells you that he loves you.

And when he has solved your problem; installed the shelf, changed the oil in your car, fixed the squeaky door, whatever, thank him!

(4) Send him naughty texts.

The advent of cellphones is a boom for romance. It allows you to say things that you probably wouldn’t say to his face. And there is nothing hotter than anticipation!

Be as daring as you re comfortable with but give him an idea of just what you would like to do to him when he gets home. Flex your flirting skills.

(5) Now that you’ve got him all hot and bothered wear one of his favourite outfits.

Men are visual creatures and love to look at their darlings all dressed up . This doesn’t mean that you have to go over the top but showing off some of your assets in an outfit he loves will certainly help get him in the right frame of mind.

For my husband its seeing me in jeans and a white tee shirt. I’m sure your partner has told you how much he likes you in one of your outfits so make a point of wearing it for him when you want the sparks to fly.

(6) Pamper him.

Every now and then buy him his favourite beer or offer to massage his shoulders.

Just do one thing that is totally for him.

My darling and I love to share a bath together so sometimes I will have that ready for him when he gets home from work. Its a great way for us to both unwind and connect with each other.

(7) Let him know you think he is a Stud.

Just like we love to be told how sexy he thinks we are, men need to know how much of a sex god you think he is.

(8) Give him a flash!

The more unexpected the circumstances the more he will love it.

(9 ) Give him some space to hang out with the boys. No guilt trips. No nagging as to when he’ll be home. Just time to be ……. and if you are really lucky he will do the same for you.

(10) Practise your pelvic floor exercises.

Lets face it pushing an 8 pound baby out of your vagina does things to it that it will never fully recover from.

There are lots of benefits to good pelvic floor control. Regular kegels bring a flush of blood to your vagina which is always a good thing. It can also aid in lubrication which becomes more of an issue as you get older.

The best benefit is allowing you to get a good grip on your partner which brings greater satisfaction to both of you.  Give it a go. what have you got to lose?

Coming soon Top Ten Tips for Improving Your Sex Life – Guaranteed   FOR HIM

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