I have been immersed in my Love Your Body program; busily listing why you should love all the  parts of your body, creating meditations to help you love your body, recording EFT ( tapping) audios to help you love your body and researching the benefits of positive thinking and affirmations on your body.

I’ve been reading positive body image blogs and joining Facebook pages that promote body love.

One of those pages, The Militant Baker is holding a Body Love conference next year which will be AWESOME!! She posted a Crowdfunding video this morning ( go check it out on her page) or better yet go donate some money to get this conference happening

IT all got me thinking about my own awesome, beautiful body so I thought I would share with you some of the things that I love about my body.

(1) I love my hair.
I started going grey in when I got divorced, had a baby and met the love of my life all in the same year. Now you have to understand that I have a cow’s lick and if you don’t know what that is consider yourself blessed by the Hair Fairy and move on. And that is where the first few grey hairs popped up, right at the front of my hair.

So I did what any sane 30 year old does – I went straight to the hairdresser and got her to dye my hair black ( I was already dark, dark brown) , except for the piece of hair at the front, that we dyed platinum blonde. Result? Sheer awesomeness!

I only did it the once though because frankly, life is too short to sit around waiting for your hair to change color ( but that’s just me).

Now my hair is a mix of grey, white and the remnants of dark brown and I still love it. My silver highlights are taking over and I’m okay with that.

(2) I love my hands.
If you know me you know that they are usually festooned with as many large rings as I can comfortably wear on them at any one time.

I’m still looking for the perfect thumb ring.

And no, you cannot have too many rings. Ever.

(3) I love my breasts, always have.

They are not as pert as they once were. I remember my sister and I worrying about the pencil test when we barely had boobs. The pencil test, for those of you that don’t know, is whether you can hold a pencil under your breast, if you can your breasts are too saggy.

Mine are now at the point that I could probably hold a whole pencil case under there quite happily. And you know what? I’m okay with that too. These breasts have fed three babies, I’ve lost count of the times my babies fell asleep sucking and all the hours I nursed them to make them feel better or cam them down.
In the right bra they still look magnificent.

(4) I love my face.

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Artist unknown but I adore this pic

Complete with eyes that shine, a mouth that smiles and the odd wrinkle to show that I have lived.

(5) I love my butt.

Curved just right, not too big and fills out my jeans just nicely thank you very much.

(6) I love my big, soft belly.

It is soft and jiggly and bears the scars of stretch-marks from my babies and surgery (so I don’t have any more babies!!)

(7) I love my arms.

For all encompassing hugs and with all my soft jiggly boobs and belly, I give great hugs.

(8) I love my legs.

They reach all the way from the ground right up to the curve of my arse – perfect. I used to get teased about how skinny they were but I still loved them even then. Yes, my thighs touch but my knees are not knobbly and these legs carry me through my days.

I could go on and on because, lets face it, my body is pretty damn spectacular……. and so is yours.

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So tell me what parts of your body do you love?

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