For a long time, even before I became attuned to Reiki, my husband told me he loved the energy from my hands.

 Not just him either.

There was the time in a shuttle bus from Coffs Harbor to the airport in when a fellow passenger had an injured leg and I suggested that she rested it on my seat and i placed my hand on it during the trip. When we got to our destination she thanked me and said her leg felt much better now.

Then I did Level one, two and three in Reiki training. Mostly I used it on myself and my husband. Occasionally I would send it to my cat while she was on my lap, apparently cats love reiki!

I sent ti to my auntie after her surgery and she credited it with healing her up faster than the surgeon was expecting.

Often when I am sending reiki energy it feels like precisely nothing is taking place; my mind wanders, the client falls asleep but nothing profound or earth shattering takes place.

 Sometimes my hands get warm, sometimes they get cold.

Sometimes I can feel a tingle through my hands and then it stops and I move to the next hand position and it starts up again…… and sometimes it doesn’t.

Sometimes I “see” lots of colours or Angels or I “know”that certain beings or relatives are close by……. and other times I don’t.

Most of the time clients fall asleep, however briefly, on that table. Sometimes they get leg twitches and tummy rumbles.

They always say how much more relaxed they feel at the end of a session. Who wouldn’t after an hour of lying down doing precisely nothing?

But recently I have been sending reiki to my mother in law. She is 85 years old and has been in hospital for the past three weeks and nobody expects her to be coming home any time soon…. if at all.

She has been on  a steady downward slide for the past few years and now it seems to have picked up the pace.

A few weeks back when she was in hospital, I decided to give my husband some reiki and, at the same time, send some to his Mum. I have had some amazing reiki sessions with my husband, the outpouring of love between us has been incredibly mindblowing and the effect has lasted for days, sometimes weeks, but again, it doesn’t happen every time.

Part way through our session I started feeling really strange…… couldn’t -stand- up -any -longer- need-to-lie -down-right-now-strange. So I told hubby and went to lie down in the same room and continue sending him distance reiki. Straight away I get the voice in my head going “stroke, stroke, stroke” and I think “uh oh, this isn’t good” ( now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hear voices all the time either ). By this time I am ready to go full on into nap time and hope that I don’t wake up paralysed down one side. ( no, I didn’t say anything to hubby). when I woke up from my nap ( it was lovely, thanks for asking) I cautiously tested my whole body, yup everything working fine, whew, don’t know what that was all about and carried on with my day.

Two hours later we got the call.

Rob’s mum had had a stroke. At this point a light-bulb went on over my head as I realised that this probably took place while I was sending her reiki which is why I felt so weird.

Since then I have continued to send her reiki both remotely and while we have been to see her. while all the other brothers and sisters have said that she seems agitated and distressed when they visit her, our visits have been peaceful and she has looked calm and restful  – no panic attacks, no apnea just sleeping with moments of awareness and recognition.

Can I say for sure that it is the reiki? No.

Do I know in my heart that the reiki is helping her? Absolutely!

On one of our recent visits, while sending her reiki I “saw” her surrounded by angels and the most powerful wave of loving energy came across me that it was hard not to cry. On this visit I also “saw” a big, fluffy dog – there one minute, gone the next. I asked hubby if they had ever had a big dog and he said “no” and I got the name “Sasha”in my head at the same time he said “oh hang on a minute , Mum had a dog called Astra. She went everywhere with Mum.” I said “well she is here now”

Yesterday we went for another visit with some of hubby’s daughters ( he’s got 4) and we all took turns holding her hand and chatting with her as she drifted in and out. At one stage I switched places with one of the girls and slipped my hand in hers at which point she opened her eyes and said “I knew it was you, such a lovely energy” Yup, I had started sending the energy as soon as our hands connected.

Reiki works.

Even when it’s not working, it’s working.

Even when it seems like nothing is happening or I’m not focusing, it’s working.

The more I practise ; on my self, on my husband, on clients, remotely or in person, the better it gets, the deeper it goes, the stronger the connections.

We are all energy and we are all connected. Always.

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