Women make up roughly half of the population.

We are seen on just about every billboard, in every magazine, in lots of movies and television shows ……..right up until we hit a certain age. It seems like movie directors and advertising executives don’t think that women deserve to be seen on screen after they hit a specific age.

Amy Schuler did an awesome sketch with Julia Louis Drefuss, Patricia Arquette andTina Fey where they ae celebrating Julia’s last fuckable day. She has hit the date and time where her desirability has expired….. well as far as movies and television directors are concerned. (Google it, it’s hilarious)

The trouble is that women, in general buy into this myth that we somehow lose our desirability at a certain age, the we become invisible.

I don’t buy it. And I don’t want you to buy it either.

We can be sexy and desirable at any age. What it comes down to is a mindset, a belief in ourselves, in our sexuality and that people will still want to have sex with us regardless of our age.

We see it in the movies where men, of any age, can get with the most gorgeous woman around and nobody bats an eye. In the movie Focus, Will Smith is twice Margot Robbie’s age but that is ok. Or look at just about any other on screen male / female romance and the male actors are often considerably older than their female counterparts and yet when Madonna recently kissed a young guy on stage at Coachella and everyone started talking about her age and how she shouldn’t be acting that way.

Female sexuality seems to threaten people’s sense of decorum and decency, especially if the woman in question is anything older than thirty or forty. Guess what? Women in their fifties and older are still having sex. In fact, many report they are having the best sex of their lives, the older they get the better it gets. Quality definitely takes the place of quantity as you get older but sex never goes off the menu altogether.

Thankfully women are starting to fight back. Geena Davis started the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media in 2007 to fight against gender discrimination in the entertainment industry. Not to mention Shonda Rhimes and all the strong female casts she has in her shows such as Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder and Grey’s Anatomy. These shows not only depict strong female characters but also female sexuality in various forms

I talk about the Invisible Women Syndrome in my book The Goddess Guide to Sex, Love and Life plus reclaiming our sense of who we are , not defined by what others think of us, instead claiming ourselves as the Goddesses that we are.

I am also starting a Self Love Immersion program on May 10 and it is completely FREE.  Sign up for the newsletters here

And most of all keep being your awesome , sexy , desirable self.

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