Just take the damn picture.

How often have you been at a family event and at some point the call goes out for the group pic. That’s when one person always says they want to sit this one out or “I’ll take the picture while all of you gather” Or they hide their face or run off to the bathroom.

Then there is the person that complains that their picture didn’t turn out right so please delete that one.

None of that shit matters. What really matters is the picture.

Pictures are a visible record – that you lived, that you were there, that you were family.

I’ve got one family photo, from years ago, from before I was kicked out of the family. There we all are sitting on the couch in Mum and Dad’s living room, squashed together and smiling. I can’t remember who took that photo or what the event was that we were all together I just know it is the last visible record of when we were all a family. Now three members of that picture are dead – Mum, Dad and my brother Robert. All gone. But the picture remains.

It’s more than ten years since it was taken. In fact, it is much, much longer than that but the picture still remains.

family picture
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Time passes quickly. I have loaded up lots of family photos onto my computer so they scroll through, in no particular order, when the computer goes into save mode. Sitting and watching those images flash by reminds you just how fast time flies. I see my grandkids as babies, toddlers and then teens. I see our property transform as all the trees we have planted start as bushes then bloom forth.

Life is short.

We don’t like to think just how short life really is and it’s not until your parents pass away that you realize just how short it can be.

Do the things you’ve always dreamed of and take the damn picture to remind you. It doesn’t matter if you were squinting or your hair looked like shit. What matters is that you were there, having fun and making the most of life. Record that. Remember that.

Just take the damn picture.




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