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Back in the seventies when I was growing up ( yeah I know that dates me) there was a cartoon series called Love is. 
They were designed by a woman called Kim Casali and were basically love notes to her husband.
I loved those cartoons as I was a romantic even way back then. I even had a set of Love Is sheets.
And if I was a talented  artist I would reignite the idea.
Only mine would be Sexy Is. Because it seems like  we have forgotten what it truly means to be sexy.
Even though we have nudity thrust ( good word, thrust!) in our faces and sex is used to sell anything and everything that you can imagine and now pop stars are posting naked selfies on Instagram and Twitter we seem to  think that that is what sexy is.
It’s not.
Here’s my take on what sexy is, just try and picture cute cartoon images to go with it.
Sexy is……… not a shape.
( Although if I had to pick one I would say it was round but that’s just me, yours might be completely different like a large thrusting ( yup, still love that word) rectangle or pillar)
Sexy is………. Not a size
( I know, I know we all assume it will be whatever size we are and frankly I think that is exactly as it should be. God knows ,I am sexy and large and quite possibly round)
Sexy is…… self- confidence.
( yes, it is that intangible, inner self belief that makes you sexy not the fact that you wear a size zero
 ( and seriously who are those people and could we not get them some adult size clothes) ( that’s my own personal rant against American sizing which just seems odd for fully grown adults)
Sexy is……… loving who you are
Sexy is…… willing to be naked; emotionally, spiritually and physically
(naked goes way beyond just removing your clothes. To me it is a willingness to see and be seen by those that you are intimately engaged with)
Sexy is……. All in the mind.
(Lets face it the brain is the biggest sex organ there is. Stimulate that and you are way ahead of the rest)
Sexy is……not an age .
( you can be just as hot at 50 as you can at 30.)
Sexy is….. different things to different people.
( I just went on Pinterest, purely for research you understand, and typed in sexy to the search bar. Seems like Justin Bieber is sexy and so is Johnny Depp. High heels, leather, lace, naked bodies- male or female, bondage, tattoos, spanking, being fit, reading, being intelligent and feet are just some of the things people find sexy)
I’m sure you get the idea. The more you feel like you are the sexy goddess ( or god, if you are male) that you are the more you will become that. It really starts with you. The minute you let someone else define whether or not you are sexy ( or anything else for that matter) that is when you give up control of how you feel about yourself. And if the day comes when that person no longer feels that way about you, then your world crumbles and you are left to rebuild your belief in yourself … one brick at a time.
What do you think? What does being sexy mean to you? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear your opinions.

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