Deep Healing Coaching


We've all been through shitty times

Relationships we thought would last forever – end.

People we love, leave.

Our innocence and trust gets abused.

Violence and sexual assaults happen – frighteningly often.




Taking time to heal yourself is vital

We can sedate our emotions with alcohol or coffee or food or shopping – the choices are endless.

Or we can own our story, heal the past and move forward not just as a survivor but as an empowered, thriving , whole version of ourselves.

Yes, it takes courage but YOU are so worth it.

Service Features

Facebook Group

We all spend time on Facebook so we might as well make it somewhere great to hang out.

As part of the Deep Healing package you get a private Facebook group to hang out in for extra support with women going throught the same shit as you.

A judgement free zone where you can ask for help, vent if you need to and come to be inspired.


Downloadable audios

Included in this package are three downloadable audios.

The first audio is of the yoni egg exercises so that you can listne to them as you do them. There are also full written instructions for looking after your egg and of all the exercises.

The Being Orgasmic audio is a subliminial audio of affirmations which means the words are layered under the music, below your hearing level. This is doen to bypass the conscious mind and soak straight into your subconscious. there is also a full PDF of all the affirmations used.

The wombhealing meditaion is to help heal and release any emotions or memories from your womb or womb space.





Coaching Calls

Having someone to help you process emotions and memories that are brought up from your yoni egg practice and yur journal practice can help to keep you on the right track.

I also bring years of Journey therapy, EFT (tapping) and Reiki skills to each of our calls .

You have four one hour Zoom calls that are recorded and sent to you after each session. There is no expiry date on your calls and no pressure to use them within a specified time frame

Yoni Egg Practice

The Yoni Egg practice brings you home to your body. It is a mindfulness practice that helps tone your pelvic floor and at the same time, clear and release old emotional baggage.

Within our vaginal canal lies the most potent acupressure points in the body, Points for the heart, liver, kidney, lung, and spleen are all here. As the egg moves around in your yoni it presses on these points and stimulates the energy meridians for each organ thereby releasing deeply held emotions.

Included in this package are two powerful healing crystal eggs. The Obsidian for deep healing of emtotional trauma and the Rose quartz for self love and acceptance – a powerful heart healer.

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