Spring is an amazing time of year. It truly feels like a time of rejuvenation and rebirth and after a long cold, dreary  winter there is nothing I love more than to fling open all the doors and windows and let the fresh air clear out all the cobwebs and dust bunnies that have collected everywhere

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Have you joined the September Self Love Challenge?

We are just over two weeks into the September Self Love Challenge and I have to say I am loving it. Have you been following along on my Facebook page? Each day I share exactly how I did that day’s challenge and members of the page share their ideas.

But self love is more than just drinking green juice and giving yourself facials.

Going Deeper

Self Love is about accepting yourself on a deeper level.

Forgiving yourself for any past mistakes.

Embracing your shadow side – that part of you that you don’t want people to know about. That you deny even to yourself (I’ll write a blog on that next week – promise!)

It is also about releasing shame.

I listened to Brene Brown talk about the difference between shame and humiliation. Humiliation is I did something bad while shame is “I am bad”. One of the areas in which we  are often ashamed is our sexuality.

I can only speak as a woman here and say that this is especially true for us. There are so many conflicting messages we receive around our sexuality ; we are supposed to be sexy but not too sexy, we are supposed to have sex but not too much, we are supposed to show we enjoy it but again, not too much and the list goes on and on.

I am sure men have a similar list because society is just not geared to cope with sexuality. Male sexuality is a tad more acceptable than woman’s though.( in my opinion)

Womb Healing

At the beginning of last year I wrote this article about space clearing our genitals. As a Reiki therapist I “see” a lot of armoring and wounding in people’s energy field. I know that this is cleared with Reiki energy.

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To book your session
I recently found a Facebook page called Kundalini Dance and she has a course called Female Sexual Soul Healing and offered two of the meditations for free download over the course of the past two months, both of which I have downloaded and used for myself. Both practices are deeply healing and I highly recommend her course.

Now you are probably wondering what these meditations can do for you.For a start they will help you release any past traumas or painful experiences (Reiki can do this for you too) you may have had during your sexual awakening. And let’s face it when  we first venture into the realms of sex and sexuality there are always some bumbling and fumbling issues which can leave us all feeling that somehow everyone else got the gist of sex … except you.
I remember after my first sexual experience I thought to myself ” is that it? what is all the fuss about?”  No, it was not a great experience even though, in all my worldly wisdom, I decided that I needed an older guy to deflower me as he would have some idea of what he was doing.

No, he didn’t. ( he was 27, I was 16).

And that is just part of the sexual wounding that we can take on board.

 Releasing any old baggage whether through womb healing or Reiki makes us feel more like ourselves again, more alive, more vibrant, more confident.. Regardless of how much work you have done on yourself in the past there is always more to clear and release.

If you have never done any personal work then now would be a good time to start.
Contact me to book a session today.

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