Today has been one of those days.

I got up nice and early and headed to the computer to check out a few things and before I knew it  it was 1:30 in the afternoon and I still wasn’t dressed.

I had however updated my facebook page, answered emails, done two meditations after listening to some inspirational speakers on the Hay House Summit, eaten breakfast and read several articles relating to social media and how to maximize it for my business.

What I hadn’t done was take the time to fully care for my self.

I had been solely focused on my business.

I hadn’t taken the time to shower and dress which is a morning ritual. I have my vision board on the outside of my glass shower to focus my mind on all my goals, personal and business.

I hadn’t taken the time over breakfast to think about what I would write in my gratitude journal so that hadn’t been done either.

I hadn’t taken the time to do reiki on myself before I even got out of bed.

I had walked outside and fed our chickens and spent a few moments connecting with nature.

I had picked some mandarins off our trees to have with my breakfast.

But suddenly it was 1:30 and the day seemed to have slipped away from me. I know that my rituals  help to focus me and feed a deeper connection to Spirit that I need for my work to flow smoothly . I also know that this is not the end of the world and that tomorrow is a brand new day for me to embark on.

I also know that self care is vital  for mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. So tonight I will be running a bath and taking a long, deep soak with Epsom salts to ease the tension that always seems to end up in my shoulders. I will bring out my gratitude journal and write about all the great things that have happened today and all the mundane, simple things for which I am eternally grateful. I will spend some time connecting with my darling husband for her grounds me and gets me out of my head like no-one else can.

And as I drift off to sleep tonight I will give myself some reiki and do some EFT to clear up any negative energy patterns that I may be berating myself with.

Do you have any rituals that you do daily? What helps keeping you on track?
Leave a comment below.

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