Get comfy this could be a long post so go grab yourself a cuppa – I’ll wait.

Right, let’s talk about sex and the energy that gets exchanged during it and where that all ends up.

We all know that we are energetic, light beings – well I’m just going to go ahead and see you nodding your head to that and assume you agree. And sex is one of the ways that we connect with others on an energetic level. In fact it is the only way that we merge our energy body completely with another. When we engage in a sexual act our chakras all align ( well , there are probably lots of positions where this is not entirely true and it would take too long to list all of them so let’s just assume (again) that most sex acts line our chakras up or that this will happen at some point during most sexual encounters). Not only do they align but energy is transferred and a residue of that is left behind at the end of that encounter.

Now just pause for a moment and think of all the sexual encounters you have had to date. Yup, go all the way back to the very first fumblings when you were first exploring your sexuality. Yes, even those times when you were all on your own and playing around.

But their was no one else involved then so why are we including that?

Ahh, well you see there was probably an element of fear or shame or ” Oh my God if someone found me they would be so shocked/disgusted/horrified. I must be a bad person. Maybe I’m a pervert?” type of anxiety and yes, all of that gets lodged in there as well.

Now, you might be wondering where exactly this all gets stored in your body and the answer is primarily, in your genitals and if you are female, also in your womb, for men that is the hara or lower dan tien.

But that is not the only way that we store energy in our body, oh no. It also gets stored through negative or emotionally charged events. In fact in her book Vagina, Naomi Wolf talks about how women become emotionally shut down and numbed due to  cat calling, name calling, off colour, misogynistic jokes and the list goes on. And no, it is not just that we are more emotionally sensitive it is that directly impacts our pudendal nerve, an intricate network of nerves that connect every part of our genitals to our brain.

Just pause for a moment ladies and think of how many times a day you get the message that some part of your body is not acceptable. Here’s a few to get you started

  •  every time we see an ad suggesting we shave our vulva
  • every time we see a tampon commercial with that blue dye because our real blood would be too gross
  • every picture of an airbrushed model with skin smoothed to perfection

Or how about the songs talking about bitches and “ho’s”?  Or the times you have been called a skank, slut, bitch, whore or some other derogatory name? Or the fact that calling someone a “pussy” is an insult? Or how about the word “cunt” being an insult? The male equivalent of “dick”, which is the only time male genitals are used in an insulting way, just doesn’t have the same punch to it.

And let’s not forget the leering, overly friendly , groping we also put up with – maybe not daily but often enough to make us feel uncomfortable.

I also know that you men suffer insults and threats to your manhood that can make you toughen up, shut down and close off. Endless fears the you will be considered “gay” when you were in your teens. Or worse if you were gay and terrified that someone would “out” you. Taunts of being a wimp, a pussy, a girl for not being tough enough or masculine enough ( whatever the hell that means).

And who can forget the impact that religion has on our sexuality ( actually I did and had to dd this paragraph in later. Ooops!) . Raised as a good catholic girl the strictures around sex are strong and can take a lifetime to break but it’s not just the Catholics – all religions want to have soem say in how you express yourself sexually.

All of those experiences impact us at the  lower three chakras; solar plexus -self esteem, sacral – our sexuality and sensuous nature and the base chakra – our sense of belonging to the tribe. They leave a residue of “not good enough”, a taint of shame, a blush of “not worthy” and all those emotions leave us feeling unclean, dirty, disconnected from our most sensual selves. They impair our enjoyment in life . Not to mention our reveling in the pleasure of our sexual nature.

If you have read this far I am guessing that you are wondering just how you can clear out all this nasty crap? How do we clear our sexual past from our wombs and genitals? How do we clear the emotional baggage from our past relationships?

There are a few ways :

Energetic healing is a (relatively) new form of healing. Well, that is to say it is becoming more readily recognised as a form of healing. Hands on healing and Reiki have been around for years. Master Usui, who  developed Reiki, had a distant healing symbol in amongst his arsenal. Reiki can be sent anywhere, across all time, space and dimensions.

Now you might be asking yourself what that has to do with sexual healing? Simple – by sending Reiki to all the members of the group as an energetic detox we can shift, clear and let go of a butt load ( no pun intended) of huge crappola and the utmost, super fabulosity of all this that as the group grows so does the energy and , you guessed it, the clearing and releasing does massive uplevel as well. All of this takes place while you are going about your business.

No regurgitating your story to whoever will listen.

No weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth.

Now, you do have to do your part by getting clear on what you want to release, being open to the energy flow and taking care of yourself through the process. What that looks like is (1) drinking loads of water to clear out your energy system (2) having an Epsom Salt bath to assist the electrical shifting that occurs and (3) be open to noticing the coincidences and synchronicities that abound in your life.

Sounds awesome, right?

If you want to find out more go check out my website but only do it if you really want to change your life.

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