Years ago we brought home some ex- battery farm chickens. These chickens had never known anything other than being confined so it was amazing to watch them come to terms with being outside for the first time. In fact two of them didn’t even know how to get out of the box while the other one leapt straight out. It took them a while to learn how to scratch in the dirt and my husband became their human rooster and dug up worms for them – he even made a rooster type noise to call them over and show them what he had for the. In no time at all their feathers grew back and they lived the life of an outdoor free range chook.

I once, many years ago, had a cat that had never been out of a cage. He was three years old and a pedigree Abysinnian – beautiful cat. At that time I lived in a bus but even that space was too large for him and he hid behind the chest of drawers. The first time we took him outside he kept shaking his paws as he didn’t like the feel of the wet grass on his feet.

Just last week I got a 17 week old kitten who again has never been outside. She is absolutely gorgeous and yesterday we opened the door and let her venture outside. It took her a few minutes before she was stalking the chickens, chasing butterflies and racing up the nearest tree. She did keep coming back to home base every now and then just to reassure herself that she could still go back inside if she wanted to. Over the coming days we will let her spend more and more time outside and let her be her natural, wild self.

All of which brings me to you.

Just as animals have their inherent wild nature so do we. I’m not talking about being out of control but instead connecting more to the natural rhythms of life. Paying attention to the cycles and flows within us and around us. We all know that women have cycles of 28 days, give or take a day here or there, just as the moon ebbs and flows but we have lost touch with what that means for us.

We have lost touch with our bodies.

We live very much in our heads and with the influx of so much technology we are living ever more connected to a technological world and less and less with the world within us. I wrote a blog last week on “How to Survive a Bad Day” and had people comment that I should “choose to be happy” as if that was the be all and end all of human existence. We have learned to numb our feelings instead of taking the time to embrace them and truly allow ourselves to feel what we feel.

It’s almost as if we are afraid of our feelings, as though if we really allowed ourselves to feel that we may get lost in them and not able to find our way out. The internet, our cell phones, social media, drugs and alcohol all offer us tools to distance ourselves from each other and all those messy feelings we feel. There is always some form of distraction at our fingertips.

What if instead we chose to re-wild ourselves? What if we gave ourselves permission to feel all our feelings? What if we tuned into our bodies and listened to the wisdom there instead of tuning it out, drowning it out? What if we slowed back down to the speed of life instead of racing ahead to the next shiny thing, the glittering future? What if , in the words of that sixties Guru, Ram Dass, we chose to be here, now? What would that look like?

As a woman I have taken the time to reconnect to my womb and the deep wisdom that is stored there and not just my womb but my whole body. It can be as simple as eating when you are hungry and then paying attention to how that food makes you feel. Tuning into the messages that your body is giving you and then taking action to resolve the problems and trust me, your body is talking to you every day in a myriad of different ways. You don’t want to wait until you are sick before you slow down and take a break, far better to take the time off when you are well so you can actually enjoy it.

How can you connect to your body today?

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