At times it can feel like the world is falling apart.

We hear stories of war, terrorism, bloodshed, murder and mayhem on a daily basis and it feels like there is no good left in the world.

Sadly the media has a “if it bleeds, it leads” mentality and so all the crap that we do to each other is what makes the headlines which leads to a very sordid, sad and depressing view of the world.

The reality is that the wold is full of miracles. Everyday there are people going out of there way to make this world we live in a better place. We’ve just been looking in the wrong places trying to find it. And if we want to believe in the world being a good place filled with loving kind people then we need to focus more on that and less on the other.

In the Law of attraction it is stated that what you focus on expands so if you want a peaceful loving world then you need to focus on seeing a peaceful loving world around you. Not just at Christmas but all year round and as Ghandi says  ” Be the change you want to see in the world”. That means YOU need to be more peaceful, loving and kind on a daily basis.

(1) #Illridewithyou

On Monday hostages were taken in a Sydney cafe by a man. He had them hold up a flag in the window with Muslim writing on it. The media went into a frenzy that this was terrorism and was Islamist. At the same time a couple of people on twitter started the hashtag #Illridewithyou to reach out to the Muslim community in Sydney to show them that they were not willing to lump them all under the same banner and that they would be willing to stand up and support them against racism or abuse from fellow Australians who were perhaps, not so enlightened See some of the tweets here

(2)  Secret Santa

In America tensions between the public and  the police have been at an all time high due to various court rulings on police killing innocent black men ( I won’t list them here but I do believe #blacklivesmatter)

A wealthy businessman in America has made it a practice each year to give away money at Christmas time. This year he enlisted the local police force to help him to do his part in restoring some faith in cops and help out the deserving at the same  time.

(3) Random Acts of Kindness

People doing random acts of kindness for no other reason than because they can. One woman paid off  the lay away tabs for a whole store. Or all the people that sent Christmas cards to a dying girl. Or the woman who paid for coffee for the person behind her and everyone continued it for the rest of the day.

Random acts of kindness can be big or small but the impact and feel good vibes they leave behind linger for a long, long time. In fact studies have been done that show that just witnessing a random act of kindness makes people feel happier and floods their bodies with feel good hormones.

Want to flood yourself with even more goodness? Here’s some stories from Random act of Kindness Week in February of this year.

Want more random acts of kindness? Go here for another ten stories to warm your heart.

(4) All the parents who are doing an AWESOME job of raising their kids

In this age of technology it is now easier than ever to capture ( and share) those moments when you get parenting right ( and let’s face it sometimes it feels like you never do!) These parents (and many others) are doing an epic job.

Check out this blog and this one from Hands Free Mama

Shaping young lives is a full time job. Holding space for them to figure out who they are and who they want to be takes patience, love and patience ( yup lots and lots, that’s why I wrote it twice) and is THE MOST IMPORTANT job in the world and yet we barely acknowledge it.

And when we look at the world through the eyes of our children we see that it is still full of magic and wonder. Let’s not lose that.

How are you making the world a beautiful place today? What random act of kindness can you do to shape the world we live in tomorrow?

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