You can probably guess from my title that I am the Ultimate Queen of Procrastination.

I also loathe and detest housework.

But a funny thing happens when I have work that I am supposed to be working on….. I suddenly feel an overwhelming urge… to clean.

I have come to see this for what it is…. a desperate urge to not be working on what ever I am supposed to be working on. Sometimes I give in and just get to work . But occasionally I go the other way and clean.

Which is what has happened today.

I have been in a funk for days. Can’t settle to work. Can’t think of anything to blog about. And then I start noticing all the things that I normally turn a blind eye to; the cobwebs draped sexily from, well everywhere, the bathroom sink that needs a good scrub, the laundry that has piled up and needs putting away and the floors that need a brisk mop.

Today I took it to a whole new level and decided to tackle my ever mounting stash of glass bottles, jars and the two drawers of lids (TWO DRAWERS!) I have an endless fascination with glass bottles and jars. I cannot bear to throw them away and recycling  feels senseless when the item is still perfectly usable. ( just checked out the page in the link and I might feel a bit better about recycling it all now).

I love to store all my stuff in glass jars. No sooner have I come home from the supermarket than anything in a plastic bag or box is emptied into its own glass jar. *happy sigh* There is nothing I love more than jars full of nuts and seeds all nicely displayed in my pantry in their glass jars.

Right now my pantry is sparkling clean, my kitchen drawers are organised and  I have two bags of rubbish to off load and  a box of jars to donate .

And lo and behold my funk has lifted, inspiration has struck and all is right with the world.

The genius of clutter clearing is that it not only gives you a sparkly clean house but it also clears things on an energetic level.

I know when I am seeking clarity in my life I often decide to clean my windows.  It always amazes me how a simple thing like decluttering your desk can shift your energy to a better place.

I am currently obsessed with flowers and having bunches of flowers in my house also gives my spirits a big lift. Just looking at them brings a smile to my face. My husband seems to have picked up on that and has been picking me roses from his work.

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Here’s a bunch I picked from my garden.

Meanwhile, I have to get back to finishing off the cleaning that I started while I am on a roll.

What do you do to get yourself out of a bad mood or to shift your vibration?

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