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self-love coach

Who I serve

I believe that we all deserve to feel sensual and desirable at whatever age or stage of life we are at. Yet I hear from gorgeous women that their libido has disappeared and they don’t know where it went. They tell me that they don’t feel sexy and feel like their body has let them down, for whatever reason.

I hear stories from young women how their vagina just doesn’t feel quite the same since they had kids. They tell me they are struggling to reach orgasm or feel a lack of sensation.

I hear stories from older women who are approaching menopause and wondering where their desire went. They are suffering from dryness and pain and are wondering if sex is worth the hassle. At the same time, they don’t want to give up on it altogether.

All of the women  I deal with are longing for more intimacy and connection whether that is to their partner or to themselves.

How I Serve

Regardless of the issue, it all comes back to one thing – connecting on a deeper level with our self.

Some of that requires a shift in thinking. We are constantly getting messages from the world around us telling us how we are “supposed” to be. Letting go of that old paradigm and stepping into a new one. One that serves the kind of life you choose to live – is the first step along your path to a different life.

When I work with women I bring all of my years of experience as a Reiki practitioner, Journey therapist, EFT ( tapping) coach, plus my years of life experience, to every session. I incorporate practical solutions that I have used for myself and numerous clients.

self-love coach

What we achieve

My goal is to bring you back to yourself. I aim to reconnect you to vibrant, sexy you that has been buried under the role of Mum, wife, employee or businesswoman.  I want you to remembe how gorgeous you truly are – inside and out.

Let’s face it, it is easy to lose parts of yourself. I know I did when my kids were growing up. I was so busy working and trying to blend our families together and keep everyone happy that I forgot about me – my need, my wants, and desires.

We have to keep so many balls in the air that we forget to stop and ask what we want or need for our self. We forget that we are sexual beings. We forget to take time to tune in to our desires.

My aim is to remind you.


Yoni Egg Coaching

Have you ever put a crystal in your vagina?

I know. It sounds crazy, right?
I'm talking about yoni eggs - jade or rose quartz eggs you put in your vagina

Trust me, Yoni Eggs are the best self-love / personal development tool there is

Yes, they tone your pelvic floor but they do sooo much more than that.

Toning the pelvic floor is not to be sneezed at ( see what I did there?)

and if you have had children you know what I'm talking about but that is not all they will do for you.

I sell these as a coaching package for one simple reason: To help you get the most out of using your egg.

Too often women get all excited about yoni eggs, They read how great they are. They want the benefits. They buy the egg and when it finally arrives they go "Um, what am I supposed to do with it now? How does it even work?" and they have no-one to ask, no-one to confide in, no-one to consult.

To truly maximize the benefits of yoni eggs you need someone to guide you through the process.

Deep Healing coaching

Have you been through something traumatic?

Let's face it shit happens to all of us at some  time or another.

A bad break up.

The death of a loved one.

Family disputes.

Job losses, financial stress.

Not to mention sexual assaults and violence.
All of these things can have a lasting impact on our bodies, on our health and on our level of self love.  We can feel bruised and battered long after the event and in need of some deep, soulful healing.

Gorgeous Goddess Sessions

Loving ourselves should be the easiest thing on the planet

Except that it isn't.

In fact women not loving themselves is a trillion dollar industry.


We are constantly bombarded with images of super thin models with perfect flawless skin and voulminous hair, perfectly pert breasts and curves in all the right places.

Even though, on some level, we know the images are fake - photoshopped and airbrushed so that they no longer even resmeble the model whose picture it is - we still aspire to look like them.

We feel like we don't measure up, that we aren't young enough, sexy enough, pretty enough... and yet we are SO ENOUGH!

These sessions help bring you back to yourself and how awesome you truly are. 

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