Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions I get asked..... a lot!


Women often have a lot of questions about Yoni Eggs so I have put together some of the ones I get asked the most often.
I often get asked “What is self-love? How do I love myself more” I’ll be answering those questions too so keep scrolling down.

General Questions:

What is a yoni?

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for your genitals. It translates as Sacred Gateway.
Vagina, on the other hand, means sheath with the penis being the sword. I prefer that meaning behind yoni so that is the term I use. feel free to use whatever identifier resonates the most with you.

What is a yoni egg?

Yoni eggs are specific crystal shaped eggs that are inserted into the vagina.
Not all egg-shaped crystals are yoni eggs as not all crystals can be used internally. Only crystals with a MOHS hardness of 5 or higher are suitable.

What do they do?

Yoni eggs are multi-faceted. They heal and tone the pelvic floor. Yoni eggs have been likened to weight lifting for the pelvic floor. They give the muscles resistance to work against to strengthen and tone the pelvic floor.

Yoni eggs also heal and release emotional baggage from our genitals and wombs and we all have some of that. we have the acupressure points for the heart, the liver, lungs, kidneys, and spleen are all housed here. As the egg moves around inside us it presses on these points thereby releasing any blockages stored in them.

What size do I need?

Generally, I start everyone on a medium size egg unless there are any special conditions. If you have vaginismus or vulvodynia then a small egg is probably the best idea. Please send me an email via the contact me page.

Getting Started:

How long do I need to leave it in for?

Simply putting your egg in and forgetting about it is not going to give you the maximum benefits. You need to look at this as a mindfulness practice and take the time to tune in and connect with your body. Doing the exercises (information on exercises and caring for your egg are sent as a PDF) for twenty minutes, three times a week will give you the best results. If time is an issue start for 5 minutes and keep increasing the time rather than not doing it at all.

What if it gets stuck?

Chances are high that the issue you are more likely to face is keeping it in rather than worrying about it getting stuck. In the rare, case that your egg does get “stuck” there are a couple of things that you can do : (1) DON”T PANIC! Just breathe and realize that the more you tense up and panic the harder it will be to get out. It cannot get lost inside of you as the vagina is a closed system – the cervix stops anything going any further than that. (2) If you have strung your egg then get into a squat position and gently pull on the string as you bear down ( like giving birth) (3) If you haven’t strung your egg then get into a squat position, relax and breathe and push your egg out like you would to give birth. The big thing to remember is your egg will come out. the more you relax that easier that will be.

How often do I need to use it:

Some women use their egg every day. Others use it once or twice a week. It really depends on what you are using it for and what results you are looking for.
The minimum would be three times a week for about twenty minutes.

Pregnancy Questions

Can I use it during pregnancy?

No, but it is a great tool to use after your six weeks check up. Your body is working hard enough growing a new human so leave it until you are recovered.

How soon after pregnancy can I use it?

As soon as you are cleared by your doctor at your six weeks check up you are good to go.

Can it help with fertility?

Yes, it can!  As the egg moves around inside your vaginal canal and presses on the acupressure points it clears and releases any emotional baggage that we may have. Yoni eggs are a great tool to use in preparation for pregnancy to get your pelvic floor ready for birth.

Can I use it during my period?

No. This is a time for your body to renew itself and a time for you to turn inward.

Self Love Questions:

What is self -love?

Self- love is loving and accepting all of our self – even the parts we would rather ignore. It is about far more than pampering and soaking in bubble baths. For an in-depth look at self-love check out this blog post I wrote

What does a Self-Love Coach do?

In our sessions together I dig into where your limiting beliefs came from. We uncover old programming and clear and release it using all the modalities I have trained in. No two sessions are the same and coaching is different for each client. All sessions are recorded via Zoom and a copy is sent to you after our session so you can listen to it whenever you need to.
Click here to check out what is included in the Gorgeous Goddess package

Who would benefit from Self-Love coaching?

None of us were taught how to love ourselves and the chances are high that you didn’t see it modeled by the adults around you when you were growing up either. Self-love is something that we have to develop and cultivate. It doesn’t come naturally to us.
Self-love coaching is for you if:
* You keep having the same kind of relationships over and over

* People keep stepping all over your boundaries

* You have been through a relationship breakdown

* You want to feel better about yoursel


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