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Greetings Gorgeous Goddess! I’m Caitlin Grace.

I truly believe that loving ourselves is the most radical act we can take in this crazy world that we live in.

I believe that by healing our shit and loving ourselves we will help to shift and change the way that the world operates which is why I am a self-love coach.



Self-love is a rebellious act in this world.

Yeah, I know it’s not tackling the big issues of war and starvation and pollution.

But what if we stopped the war with ourselves? Wouldn’t that shift something? What if we stopped starving ourselves of the love that we deserve?

Imagine if we stopped polluting our minds with the self-sabotaging lies we tell ourselves. Wouldn’t it be great if we stopped polluting our bodies with non-foods? Wouldn’t all of that start having an impact on the world around us?

I believe it will. Maybe not overnight or even in a few weeks but eventually with enough self-loving, peaceful women in the world things will change.

My favorite self-love tools

There are two personal development tools that I absolutely love.

One of them is the yoni egg and the other is journaling.

Okay, the third one is EFT (tapping) – I never was good at maths!

I’ve been using these three tools on myself for years and it still blows me away the impact that these simple tools can have on my clients.

I see  far too many women who are disconnected from their genitals. Grown ass women who struggle to even say “vagina” let alone the anatomically correct “Vulva” . Instead they have pet names like “ladygarden” or  simply “down there”. This disconnection and numbness can lead to all sorts of issues.

My aim is to help women come home to themselves and reclaim their innate power by healing their relationship with their wombs and genitals

Goddess On! CG xx




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