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Yoni Egg Coaching

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If you are:

*fast-tracking your way towards menopause but still not quite there yet

*wondering where the hell your libido has gone

*tired of feeling less than sexy

*suffering from heavy, draggy, achey periods

I get it. You’ve tried everything;

from essential oils to painkillers (and back again)

from therapy to massage to more therapy

You’ve read and googled and nothing has shifted

I know how I felt.

I struggled for years – far too many to bear thinking about. I saw doctors and gynecologists and counselors and it just left me feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. I took herbal supplements to get my periods under control and read every book I could get my hands on. I went from feeling sexy and luscious to feeling worn out and wondering what the hell happened.
My mother had a prolapsed uterus when I was in my teens ( she’d had five kids) so I knew about Kegel exercises and had been doing them for years but still worried when I sneezed ( or coughed  – you know what I mean, right?)

Then I discovered Yoni Eggs

Yoni eggs are an ancient healing tool that the Chinese Emperors gave to their concubines to keep them youthful and luscious throughout their lives. They have gained a lot of popularity in recent times because they work.
The Tao states that the most powerful acupressure points in the body are within the vagina.
Who knew?

The Chinese, apparently but now their secret is being shared with the world and you can access it too.

Once you start using your egg you won’t want to stop.
Yoni ( which is Sanskrit for Sacred Temple  and sounds way sexier than vagina) Eggs can help with:

*Toning and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles
* Releasing emotional traumas and wounds
*Aid lubrication
*Help boost your libido
*Bring your sexy back
*Balancing your hormones
*Reconnect you with your most feminine self

All in just twenty minutes, three times a week!

Deluxe package:
You want the yoni egg and you’d also like a little extra attention. You still have some questions and you’d like the reassurance that there is someone you can call to discuss anything that might come up – then this package is for you.
You get: 1 x Medium rose quartz egg
2 x 30-minute coaching calls that you can use whenever you need them
1 x downloadable PDF with how to care for your eggs, tips to get you started and exercises to use it
Membership to a Private FB group for extra support
$188 NZD includes postage to Australia and NZ


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