Ultimate Self Love Bundle


All the tools you need to deepen into self love.
1x Rose quartz Yoni Egg

1 x set of Yoni Love journal prompt cards and booklet

1 x Self Love Subliminal Audio MP3

1 x PDF nd MP3 Audio of Yoni Egg exercises




Loving yourself should be easy accept we’ve never been taught how and often, haven’t seen anybody modeling it for us.

This self love bundel contains everything you need to take your self love journey to a whole new level. We know how good journaling is for our mental and emotional wellbeing so I have included the Yoni Love Journal cards and booklet so you can  begin to reconnect to your pleasure, sensuality, sexuality and more. Each journal card also comes with information in the booklet as to which yoni egg crystal would be good to use with it and even essential oil suggestions for anchoring in the emotions.

This bundle comes with:

1 x Rose Quartz Yoni Egg

1 x PDF and MP3 of exercises and info on how to use your egg
1 x Yoni Love Journal cards and booklet
1 x Self Love Subliminal Aduio MP3

Here’s what some customers have said:

“:Caitlin is an amazing coach, and teacher, besides that she has created the most beautiful set of yoni cards, they are elegant, beautiful and insightful, I love them! thank you for everything Caitlin!!! You rock andgoddesss on!” Maria Azurdia Anderss

.       “LOVED LOVED LOVED the relaxation recording.  I thought it was a great tool that assisted me with my mediation.  I even pulled out my phone at work during a stressful day and listened for a short time. I found I was looking forward to listening to the recording every day. The more often I listened to it, the more I looked forward to listening to it. A great tool we can take home and use to keep on track with our own goals.” Carlie Jones




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