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Yoni Love 40 card journal prompt deck and booklet

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Yoni Love


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Do you journal?

Journaling has become one of the best, most used tools for spiritual growth, personal development and it is definitely one of my faves. I love it so much I made my own journal prmopt card deck.

The Yoni Love cards and booklet are designed to help you tune in to your sensual, sexual self. Each card contains a prompt for you to use in your daily journal and the booklet gives extra information including essential oil and crystal recommendations to help deepen your journey.

This card deck works great alongside your regular yoni egg practice or as a stand alone practice.


“I recently bought the Yoni Love cards from Caitlin Grace, to bring into my little circle of amazing women.

I am really happy with these cards! We worked through them as a group, and found them really quite powerful. They helped us all to go deeper with various aspects of self-love discovery and healing, and all of us found these cards a very helpful way to approach journalling some of our deepest ‘stuff’. Self love, self acceptance, and self worth are EVERYTHING!

Caitlin’s Yoni Love cards are a powerful way to raise all of those, whether in group work or alone. Just get them Thank you Caitlin! Xx ” Val Cozens








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