Deep Healing Yoni Egg Coaching


The Deep Healing Yoni coaching package combines the obsidian yoni egg and four one hour coaching calls to help clear and release past hurts

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We’ve all been hurt before.

We have had our hearts broken.

Friendships have ended.

Marriages you thought would last forever ended in divorce.

It all sucks and it all takes time to grieve and recover from.

I know – I’ve been there.

And just like you I have cried and wailed, written letters, been to counsellors and tried numerous ways of letting it all go.

Everything shifted when I started using yoni eggs and shifted BIG TIME when I used the obsidian egg.

Obsidian is known for healing deep trauma. It acts like a psychic vacuum cleaner, cleansing your auric field of negative energy while also clearing your own anger, fear and resentment. When it is used as a yoni egg it also helps ground you into your body – getting you out of your head and down, deep within yourself, where the wounding is.

Deep Healing Yoni coaching is for you if:

  • you keep attracting the same kind of partner over and over
  • you are ready to heal from past relationship hurts
  • you still get triggered at cetain times of the year
  •  you know you are carrying baggage from one relationship to the next

In this package you get:

1 x medium obsidian egg

4 x 1 hour Zoom coaching calls

1 x Downloadable Subliminal MP3 Being Orgasmic

1 x Womb Healing Meditation MP3

Membership to a Private FB group

1 x PDF on how to use and care for your egg


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