Women are the most powerful creatures on the planet,

How do I know this? Because every culture and religion tries its damnedest to oppress us, to shame us, to curb our rampant lust. Our sexuality is so powerful and overwhelming that we are made to feel ashamed of our bodies, feel ashamed of our capacity to enjoy sex and generally squashed into what society deems to be appropriate for us. For if we were to truly unleash our sexuality on society would not exist as we know it.

Modern media portrays women as the ones who are always saying no to men. In fact  there is barely a sitcom on television that doesn’t at some point make reference to the women not wanting sex while at the same time any women who is assertive or strong willed is seen as “ball busting, dominating bitch”.

The truth is our sex drive is just as strong as mens, if not stronger. I was reading In Bed with Married Women‘s review of Naomi Woolf’s book “Vagina” and was struck by this quote from the book “Women are designed to receive pleasure, and experience triggers to orgasm from skillful caressing and rhythmic pressure of all kinds over many, many parts of their bodies. The pornographic model of intercourse–even our culture’s conventional model of intercourse, which is quick, goal-oriented, linear, and focused on stimulation of perhaps one or two areas of a woman’s body–is just not going to do it for many women, at least not in a very profound way, because it involves such a superficial part of the potential of a woman’s neurological sexual response systems,” writes Wolf.

Our very chemistry has us hard wired to love sex and yearn for more of it. The fact is that most of us are not receiving the kind of sex that we need to stimulate that yearning. In fact mens inadequacy is what turns us off sex. Not that it is solely their fault as they haven’t been taught any different. And that falls back to us. Because it is up to us to teach them that the “wham bam thank you Ma’am” just doesn’t cut it with us.

To do that we need to feel confident in our selves, to know our own bodies, to listen to that deep inner yearning for a deeper more soulful sexual experience.

And that is the Catch 22.

If we knew that then we would be clamouring for it but we don’t because we are taught to play nice, keep quiet, good girls don’t enjoy sex blah blah blah.

 You see we are born with an innate ability to create, to manifest , to bring to life all manner of wonderful creations. It is literally hard wired into us. When a woman orgasms the areas of her brain that light up are to do with courage, creativity and self confidence and we are divinely connected to the current of all life.

In an article on Jezebel was this quote from the book “What do women want”  by Daniel Berger:

“Women’s desire—its inherent range and innate power—is an underestimated and constrained force,” he concludes. In the Middle Ages, it was constrained by the idea that “lust-drunk witches … left men ‘smooth,’ devoid of their genitals.” In the last century, it was constrained by Freud’s theory that women have “a weaker sexual instinct” than men. Now, it’s constrained by modern evolutionary psychology that says that “women are rigged by their genes to seek the comfort of relationships.”

What we do want is a connection to our partner but also a deep inner satisfaction and a release of our creative energy. According to the team Explosive Sexual Healing our vagina’s are sponges for emotional and sexual debris. They can soak up limiting beliefs, doubts and fears related to not only sex but other aspects of our lives. By clearing out this stale energy your life can be transformed and you can finally step into your full creativity and being as a fully aware, powerful woman.

So you see sex is a revolutionary act and one that we need to need to fully participate in order to not only transform our own lives but also to  change the world

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