I don’t know about you but I loved the September Self Love Challenge. In fact I loved it so much that I decided to put my thinking cap on and come up with a follow on.

So here we are at Orgasmic October. But it’s not quite what you think.

Orgasmic October is about awakening ourselves to all of our senses – getting back in touch with our truest self. We seem to get so busy rushing around being everything to everybody that we forget to stop and savor the little moments and those little moments are our life.

And who knows becoming more aware of all your five senses might just open you up to being a more sensual you

So here are the Orgasmic October Challenges

(1) Dance like no one is watching. The latest version of this meme is ” Dance like no one is watching… because their not they are  all looking at their phones” .
For me there is nothing I like more than my own dance party at home to music I love and the bonus is it’s a great way to get in some exercise Check out this girl for some inspiration

(2) Clean your windows, Lacking some clarity in your life? Clean your windows  for a fresh new perspective. Yes, really!
As a bonus clean your windows and dance!!

(3) Add some aromatherapy oils to an oil burner. There are so many great blends you can choose from . Ask yourself how do you want to feel and then google a blend to help with giving you more of that blend. Or go check out Le’Esscience Gillian has blends for sleep, concentration,  destressing, or even feeling more sensual.

(4) Stop and smell the flowers. Now that Spring is here the flowers are starting to show their faces again so take a moment and truly appreciate all their beauty.

(5) Open all the doors and windows in your home. Let that fresh sweet Spring air blow all the cobwebs away literally and figuratively. There is nothing nicer than allowing fresh air into your home.

(6) Buy some body butter and use it all over your body. Give thanks to all parts of your body as you rub it in.

(7) Get a massage. Either ask your partner for one or book in at your local day spa.

(8) Buy some sexy underwear. In September I urged you to replace your old, tired undies. Now I want you to go buy something sexy. Not just any cotton underpants will do for this but something that will make you feel like a million dollars.

(9)  Make a delicious fruit salad. Savor all the different flavors of the fruit and let the juices drip down your chin, fully immerse yourself in the lushness and sweetness of the fruit.

(10) Sit in the sun for twenty minutes. Soak up those rays and allow yourself to revel in how good it feels on your skin.

(11)Wear an outfit that makes you feel sexy. For a long time I have only worn jeans. That was until last summer when I found some gorgeous maxi dresses and now that the sun is out nothing makes me feel sexier than wearing one of  my maxi dresses… with out underwear. Shhhh it’s our little secret.

(12) Order a jade egg. Ladies, you will not believe what this will do for your sex life. Jade eggs have been used for hundreds of years to tone and tighten your pelvic floor muscles. Now, I have been doing Kegel’s ( sporadically) since I was fifteen but nothing compares to using one of these. I have discovered muscles I never even knew I had. Plus for any ladies in your menopausal years using a jade egg helps with elasticity and lubrication. Win, win , win. Just do it and use it. Trust me.

(13) Do a womb healing meditation. Last month we wrote a letter to our uterus and now we take it a few levels deeper and do some womb healing though meditation. I will be posting a womb meditation for purchase in my store in the next few days so make sure to come back and check it out.

(14) Try a new perfume. Spend some time at your local chemist or shopping mall and  try out some new scents. I recently asked my friend Raewyn of Nature’s Finest Skincare to create an all natural perfume for me and I love it. She called it the Ultimate Goddess. Delicious.

(15) Eat your next meal mindfully. Studies have shown that when we are distracted like watching television or working at our computer while we eat we are barely aware of what we are eating  and hence we eat more. Just for one meal today focus only on your food. Present it in the most visually appealing way. Take your time and savor each mouthful. Put your knife and fork down between bites and just enjoy the food.

(16) Today whenever someone asks ” How are you?” reply “I’m fabulous.” By the end of the day you will be feeling more fabulous than when you started. Your mood is more in your control  than you realise and by affirming all day how great you are feeling you literally shift your perception of how well your day is going to one with more ease and flow. And that is FABULOUS.

(17) Chant. Chanting a mantra clears your throat chakra, raises your vibration and shifts your energy. If you pick a simple mantra such as “Om Shanti” which means ” Peace” or if you prefer English ” I am love” then you start to again shift your focus to  a more loving and peaceful state. The Buddhists traditionally chant any mantra for 108 repetitions. If you use the same mantra every day it becomes like your own personal theme song and will become part of your daily routine.

(18) Seduce your partner….. or yourself. We can get into a routine with our sex lives and forget the deliciousness of anticipation and the building of desire throughout the day ( and yes you can do this for yourself if you don’t have a partner – that’s what your imagination is for). Delayed gratification is not something we are used to anymore. We want what we want NOW not later but anticipation is a powerful aphrodisiac and will heighten all your sense for the whole day.

(19) Try our some new make up. Play dress up like you did when you were younger. Try some new looks with your make up. Go to a make up counter and ask for a make over. It is always good to try something new and not stick to the safe look you have always had.

(20) Make your bedroom a sensual haven. First off remove anything that doesn’t have to do with sex or sleeping because that is all your bedroom should be about. No work, no television and no exercise equipment. Lots of soft furnishings, soft lighting, delicious smelling oils and romantic art work.

(21) Read a sexy book. Something better than Fifty shades of Grey . Here’s some inspiration so head to your local library and see what you can find.

(22) Ask your partner to massage your feet. It has been proven that when your feet are warm you will be more orgasmic so don’t head to bed with cold feet.

(23) Make some bliss balls.  For two reasons (1) they are delicious and (2) rolling them in your hands is a bit like when you were a kid. Here’s a recipe to get you started.
 8 Medjool dates, pitted and blended with 1 tablespoon of hot water
2 tablespoons of honey
2 Tablespoons of Cacao ( raw cocoa)
2 T Hemp protein powder
1 Cup of nut butter
1 tsp vanilla essence
1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper.
Blend together and roll in coconut.
These are hot balls which is great for boosting blood to the extremities… if you catch my drift. Use less cayenne or omit if you are not keen on hot stuff.

(24) Space clear your home. Spring is a great time to ramp up the energy in your home. Check out  Karen Kingston’s book ” Creating Sacred space with Feng Shui” for tips on how to do a space clearing. Have fun clapping, ringing bells and singing bowls. The neighbors will wonder what the hell you are doing but your house will feel incredible when you have finished.

(25) Sit in silence for an hour. Just be still. Pay attention to the sounds around you. Feel the breeze. Smell the air.
Okay an hour might be too long but try and see how long you can sit for. Keep doing it each day until you can do it for one hour.

(26) Make a delicious raw dessert like Chocolate Caramel Pie: Sign up for my newsletter for the recipe. This is seriously delicious. I have a sweet tooth and have been working to reduce my sugar craving so raw desserts are  helping me curb the desire while being incredibly delicious.

(27) Laugh out loud. They say that kids laugh 300 times a day while adults only summon up 4.Sure we type LOL but most of us aren’t actually laughing out loud. Today make it your mission to laugh out loud at anything. Ready? GO!

(28) Listen to your favorite sexy singer. Mine is Leonard Cohen, his sultry voice and awesome lyrics are perfect for getting in the mood. Create your own sexy playlist on Spotify and then play it often.

(29) Bath or shower with your partner. My husband and I spend hours together in the bath talking shit and being real. When you are that naked and close to each other it is far easier to be vulnerable and open.

(30) Smile. All day. Smile at strangers. Smile at the girl on the checkout. Smile at the guy making your coffee. Smile at the old lady who is taking forever to decide. Just smile. It’s catching and costs nothing. But it makes you feel good.

(31) Embrace your inner pagan. It is Halloween so light a fire if you can or light some candles and make your house feel cozy. Toast some marshmallows…. even if it is over a gas flame. In the northern hemisphere it is time to celebrate the harvest and here in the southern hemisphere it is time to celebrate the coming of Summer. Do whatever you can to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

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