Ok so I know that oral sex is not about talking but you have got to admit it’s a cute hook to get you to read more, right?

I read and article over at KLAW that made me giggle. The author was talking about how her and her husband were having a rather amorous encounter at full volume when they were interrupted by loud, persistent knocking on their door. As they live in an apartment they instantly thought that perhaps they had been a bit too loud but turns out it was something else entirely.

Now, I am a vocal girl and it seems that the older I get the more I love to make noise. I think it is partly due to finally having the house to ourselves and the complete freedom we have to express ourselves in whatever way we choose and unlike the other author, we live in the country and I don’t think even I could make enough noise (I’m really not that LOUD) to disturb the neighbours.

Recently my 20 year old son moved home for a few weeks before venturing off overseas so the expressive ooohhs and ahhhs have had to be severely curtailed. Now once you get into the swing of being vocal during sex stifling it or being quiet so as not to disturb others becomes , well, not much fun. So we were super excited after a couple of weeks of son being home when he announced that he was off out for the night. Hoorah, a night of unbridled nookie was on the menu!

I had mentioned to my son that I would like him to text me if he was not going to be home at all so I didn’t worry if he wasn’t in his bed in the morning. So I wasn’t surprised to hear the ding of a text in the throes of passion and I paid it no more attention.

Next morning I got up and checked my texts only to discover that the ping I heard was in fact my son informing him that he was home. Uh oh! Casting my mind back to the night before and trying desperately to remember EXACTLY what was taking place when the ping went off.

Cue fits of giggles and a quick call to hubby who also couldn’t remember, cue more giggling.

Now this isn’t the first time my kids have sneaked  back into the house only for us to discover them fast asleep in the spare room in the morning, all the while knowing that we were making loud, passionate love to each other the night before.

Frankly, I blame them for being stealthy ninja’s. I know they know how to slam doors because they do it during the day ( well, they used to when they lived at home)

Have you ever been interrupted during sex? How do you cope with your kids in the house? Do you have ninja’s in your home too? Leave me comment below. i would love to hear your stories.

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