In this crazy festive season it is important that we still make space for stillness in our days. We are so used to the hustle and bustle of everyday life that we are forgetting the true value of stillness – that space of being rather than doing.

Today I watched this short video that shows us how distracted we are. We are bombarding ourselves withnoise and memes and other people’s ideas and opinions so that we no longer havetime to form our own.

 I have recently taken a break from work and ditching my cellphone has been a big part of that. Yes, I still carry it with me but I have disconnected from various social media apps and turned the sound OFF.  My phone is always set to silent. The difference that has made has been huge. Sure, I miss some calls but the great thing is I can call them back at a time that suits me.

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Creating space for stillness in your life helps you reconnect to your creativity. All the busy-ness and noise stops us from tuning into our intuition. Without the steady stream of background noise you can actually hear yourself think and allow those thoughts to roam freely.

Here’s my top five tips to bring more stillness to your day.

  • Turn off your phone.

The world will not end in fact, it will open you up to new experiences. One of the saddest things I see when I am out at a café is couples sitting together but distracted by their devices. Instead of taking the time to have a conversation, notice the people around them and savor the moment, they are glued to their phones, not talking just sitting.

If you can’t quite make the break to turning it off completely  then put it on silent. You will be amazed at how peaceful it is without all your notification sounds going off every few minutes.

  •  Turn off the computer

Stepping away from all the electronics gives us more time and space to explore our own thoughts. It will all still be there when you switch them back on. In the meantime, you have given yourself some space to just be.

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  • Spend time in nature.

Sitting outside, at home or in a park and watching nature at work is incredibly restful. You might choose to watch the clouds float past or watch the bees busy at work or just notice the plants that are growing around you . when you do you cannot help but be in awe of the wonders of nature. Stopping to smell the flowers really is a worthwhile pastime.

  • Find a good book

I’m talking about an actual book, not a Kindle or an ereader but a paperback or hardback. Lose yourself in the pages. Get inspired by someone else’s imagination.

  • Take a bath

 Yes, showers are quicker but soaking in a tub is all about the luxury of time. You can fill it with bubbles to feel like a movie star or add some Epsom salt to soothe aching muscles and give you goodnight’s sleep. Either way you are winning and giving yourself some space to be present and sit with your own thoughts.

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