Magical Menopause

Getting old sucks

Let’s face it growing old sucks.

Menopause sucks even harder.

None of us like to admit that we are getting old and we definitely don’t like to think about being menopausal.

What if there was another way?

What if we looked at menopause differently?

And what if we got the support that we needed?

You don’t have to do it alone.

It's all about perspective

“if you change the way you look  at things, the things you look at change” Wayne Dyer

What if we viewed hot flushes as power surges?

Because menopause is all about us reclaiming our power.

It might sound like a cliche but the fact is reclaiming our power, our voice and our desires is the shift we need to make.

Power that we buried or gave away.

Power that we didn’t even realize that we had.

Saying all the things that we have held onto.

Speaking our truth.

When we become mothers we tend to lose ourselves. Add to that all the pressures of work or running your own business and keeping everybody happy and slowly we sink beneath the weight of it all.

Menopause is when we come home to ourselves.

Is it easy? No.

Is it worth? Hell yeah!


Service Features



We can get so caught up in our own story that we can’t see the wood for the trees.

With this coaching package we take a step back and re-evaluate what is working and what isn’t and we formulate a plant o get you on the right track.

One of the things that can happen at this stage of life is that all the shit that we have pushed aside for “later”  comes bubbling to the surface. We are no longer prepared to put up with bullshit- our own or anyone else’s.


Back in the day we were surrounded by a close knit community. This helped to share the load for eveything – child raising, gathering crops, during sickness -everything.

We have lost that.

With the rise of the internet we can bring it back and all from the comofrt of our own home. Facebook groups bring together women from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe. Being part of this facebook group will guarantee that you have someone to share your shit with when you need to. There will always be someone that has gone through what you are going through or that is going through it along with you.

I will also stop in regularly to offer advise and support and regular Facebook Lives with useful information.


Connection to you

We bring you back home to yourself.

Incorporating the Yoni Egg practice at this stage of life is a great tool to help you find your sexy self again.

Yoni eggs are a great tool for boosting lubriaction and circulation – both of which are needed at this stage of life to keep a healthy vagina.



As an introductory bonus for the month of April you can grab these:

Yoni Love journal card and booklet ($45)

Self Love subliminal audio ($30)

Becoming Orgasmic subliminal audio ($30)

That’s and added $105 worth of bonuses for ordering yours before April 30

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