The way I see it we have only one choice – we have to love ourselves

All of our selves.

The flawed, quirky parts of us.

The wounded parts of us.

The parts of us that were wounded when we were little. ( Yes, I mean our Inner Child)

The parts of us that didn’t quite fit in when were teenagers. (More Inner Teenager than Inner child)

The parts of us that were damaged from the relationship break ups.

The parts of us that don’t have a f@+%ing clue what we are doing with our lives even though we are now (fill in the blank) age and should have our shit together.

The parts of us that are changeable and fluid and bend which ever way the wind is blowing, or when some new inspiration hits. “I’m going to become a writer…. no, I’m going to move to the South Island, no, I’m going to dye my hair green, no wait….I’m going to”

The parts of us that are so deep and dark and scary that we hide them… even from ourselves.

The parts of us that just want to crawl under the covers and come out when the world is nicer.

We need to love ourselves back to wholeness, back to happy, back to abundance, back to our natural loving, open armed, open hearted selves.

The eternal question is how?

How do we love all of that messy, dark , wounded parts of us?

By admitting that it is there.

By taking ownership of it.

“Yes, I am flawed. Yes, I do get angry and fly off the handle far too easily. Yes, I have been hurt. Yes. Yes.Yes. This is me in all my flawed beauty”

By acknowledging, to yourself, all that you have been through and learning the lessons from them.

By accepting that this is who you are – without judging or feeling sorry for yourself .

Because if we can accept and love our friends when they are being jerks then surely we can love ourselves too.

If we can love our partner/husband/wife/lover when they just made a dick of themselves, not to mention all their irritating little habits then surely we can love ourselves too.

If we can love our children when they poop on us or vomit on us or (when they are older) when they make silly mistakes then surely we can love ourselves too.

We all make mistakes, we all screw up the trick is to love ourselves through all of it. We do it for everyone else maybe it’s time we did it for ourselves too.

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