I was going to write today about all the things I have learned from watching Breaking Bad but got sidetracked reading several great articles which all had one thing in common, LOVE.

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AMC’s Breaking Bad

Which isn’t that far removed from Walter White, his motivation, at the beginning was love of his family. He just carried away ( to put it mildly).

The problem with Walt was  he had become disillusioned with life. He had fallen out of love with himself a long time ago – back when his partners in Grey Matter bought him out.

And that can happen to all of us.

We can start to just coast through our lives, taking our jobs, our partners and family for granted

Until something shakes us out of it and generally it is something BIG.




Oh, the list can go on and on. And then we are left with regret, all the things that we wish we had said or done differently . The biggest of these is wishing that we had told the people that matter just how much we love them.

Because, ultimately love is all that matters. To love and be loved is what we all want.

If you have been following my blog you may have read Raising Gorgeous Boys or Tender Touch. You may also know that I come from a troubled background Things I’ve learned about domestic violence so my life has not been all smiles, hugs and “I love you’s”

I no longer connect with most of my FOO ( family of origin) and when I di have contact with them I told them how much I loved them and how grateful I was for who they were and how they fit into my life. Sadly this wasn’t enough for them and I am now only welcome if I deny what happened in my past  and I will not keep secrets any longer.

Does this mean I don’t love my parents ? No. It means I love them from afar because I love myself more and I’m ok with that. ( slowly. It is a day to day thing. Some days are great others are hard but it is all getting easier)

The love that I have in my life now is awesome and gets better and richer and deeper with every passing day. As good love should.

Love that comes with conditions or secrets is tainted love at best and generally comes from those who have sealed off too much of themselves. They are wounded and hurting and so hurt others in return because they just don’t know any better.

Cracking yourself open, being vulnerable, loving with your whole heart is risky. You will get bruised and battered but the rewards are beyond belief when you find that love returned to you by one who has had the courage to do the same.

and after all love really, is all you need.

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