It’s the little things in life that matter

All those little, seemingly insignificant things add up.

When done daily, all those little things will change not only your life but also the world.

We all like the idea of the world being different and better than it currently is. We all fear that it is going to hell in a handbasket and yet we avoid making simple, small yet effective changes in the way we live our lives.

This article came about after a discussion with my husband about the packaging materials I use when I ship out my yoni eggs .

Bowl of yoni eggs
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I explained that I use eco-friendly packaging to lessen my impact on the world. He told me I was being crazy and that women wouldn’t notice or be interested. So I posted in one of the Facebook groups I belong to and asked the ladies what they thought. the overwhelming response was “Yes, it matters! Yes, I am even willing to pay more for it”. In fact, the response totally blew me away and sparked a lot of discussion about eco packaging and even encouraged some ladies to rethink their packing options.

4 little things  you can do daily to change the world

(1) Buy fairtrade 

I eat bananas every week and a while ago I switched to fairtrade ones. Yes, they cost a little more .at the same time I know that those who grow them are getting a fair price and can live  a happier life. None of us wants to struggle to get by and by switching to fairtrade products you are ensuring that those who supply you with the things you love: coffee, chocolate, and in my case, bananas, are also not struggling just to survive.
The cost to us is not huge in the great scheme of things  but the difference it makes to those growing these products is HUGE.

I am looking forward to the day when  more clothes  carry a faritrade logo so I know they are ethically made

(2) Buy organic

If we want to consume less toixc chemicals and have less of them floating around polluting our air then we need to support more organic farmers and orchardists.

I live in Nz in an area where I am surrounded by orchards. Most of the growers use as few chemicals as possible but if they want to export they are required to use certain chemicals and they are not good for us.

We have grow a lot of our fruit and the taste of tree ripened versus shop bought is immense.

(3) Support small businesses

I am a small business and I know how important all my clients are to me.

Small businesses care.

We care about our customers and we care about how we ar showing up in the world. If we find out that our clients care about packaging we will make damn sure that we are serving them in the best way possible.
We are not faceless, nameless corporates. we are generally a Mum working around her kids to deliver the best service she can. Or a woman getting back into the workforce after the kids have flown the coop and we still have a lot to offer.

(4) Shop local

When you buy from a small business in your own country or your own town you are keeping the economy going. You are making a difference to people just like you and that has got to be good right?

What is one small change you will make to your daily routine?





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