I seem to be fascinated with time today I just wrote this article for The Wellness Directory and now I am working on this chapter of my upcoming book: Every Goddesses guide to Sex, Love and Life.
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We all do it. We use busy as an excuse for getting out of things or as a catch cry for everything; “I’m so busy” “I’d love to but I’m just really busy right now.”  We think it makes us seem important , all this busy-ness means we have so much to do, so much to juggle and so we rush through our days, being busy, often though, the very act of being busy is stopping us from actually being productive or connected or from just being. We have got so caught up in the rush and thrill of being busy that we have forgotten how to just be.
After all we are human beings not human doings, though if you were to check us out on any given day you would find that we spend far more time doing than being. Our lives rush past us in a blur of busy-ness, we seem impatient for the next step the next achievement and forget that this moment right here, is our life.
This is never more apparent than when we are raising our children; we cannot wait for them to reach the next milestone; sleeping through the night, rolling over, crawling, walking, talking and the days slip by without us registering the enormity of us having birth to this human being. We need to stop, slow down, take a breath and drink it all in.
This became fully apparent to me when I had my youngest son; that this would be the last time that I would be pregnant, the last time that I would breastfeed, the last time that I would be there for so many first times. I still didn’t get it right all the time, I don’t think anybody ever does and by trying to make it perfect we suck all the joy out of it anyway.
For all you mums out there take it easy on yourself, it doesn’t matter if the laundry doesn’t get folded, it does matter if you sit and listen to your child explain what is going on for them whether they are 2 or 15 or 25  no, it never stops and yes, listening is always that important).
We forget in the midst of all the busy work; the laundry folding, dish washing and meal cooking that life is happening and life is what we are supposed to be paying attention to. Your life, your kids’ lives, your life with your partner (husband, lover whatever you want to call him –or her). Step out of the kitchen, put down the phone, step away from the computer and find something, anything that connects you to you. We all need to spend more time connecting with our centre, finding out what makes us tick and letting go of our baggage.
One of the ways that we stop ourselves healing from our past is the eternal quest of busy; reading one more email, writing one more post on Facebook, running endless errands, anything that will stop us from being still and looking inside ourselves and asking “ What do I need to heal? What do I need to let go of?” This is the real work of living, developing and growing into the finest, highest, best version of yourself, peeling off all the masks that we wear and looking ourselves in the eye and loving who we see staring back at us. And we don’t get to do that if we are constantly busy, if we are running from one job to the next and the only stillness in our day is when we plonk ourselves in front of the television for some mindless entertainment.
A true goddess has asked herself the big questions: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? And she likes the answers that she has come up with: I am a luminous being of Light and Love. I am here to share my Light and Love with the world. My purpose is to shine and help others to find their way.

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