Well it is here in NZ.

I love Spring. I love the newness of everything. I love the brisk mornings. I love seeing the buds getting bigger and bigger everyday, about to burst forth into a blaze of flowers.

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Spring in all it’s glory~

A funny thing seems to happen to me the closer that Spring gets.

I start cleaning.

Now if you have been reading my blog for a while or if you have read my book you will know that I am not a domestic Goddess. No, I don’t like housework and avoid it for as long as I possibly can while not endangering anyone with health issues. I like my sanitary but not necessarily spotless. It always looks lived in, homely, but no, you can’t eat off the floor ( and seriously, why would you want to?)

With all the cleaning, re-arranging, water -blasting (I love to water blast!) I have also taken to cooking up a storm in the kitchen. I am beginning to wonder if I am possessed.

What I think is actually happening is my creative juices are in full flow. I want to create a beautiful home space that feels welcoming and inviting. I want to cook nourishing foods that satisfy the eye and the taste buds. I want to fully express myself as the luscious, self loving Goddess that I am.

I am moving more fully into the fullest expression of myself every day. And writing is the key to my evolution. writing my blogs, writing my morning pages and creating content for my online programs ( hang in, there they are coming very soon).

I now write for the Huffington Post ( you can find my first two articles: one on making love last and the other on mothering sons, by clicking the highlighted links) and seeing so many people reading and sharing my words is a great feeling.

So there has been a lot of creating going on. Mine and Mother Nature’s. And what have I cooked up for you? Ah well, it must be time for a new Self Love Immersion.

On September 1 I will be launching another FREE self love program ( you can sign up for the emails here ) . Each day, for the month of September, you will receive an email with prompt for ways to love yourself more. In this challenge I will also be giving you a daily writing challenge to help you on your journey of self discovery. Who know it may just get your creative juices flowing too.

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