I’m not who I used to be. This year has been one of huge growth and letting go of all the parts of me that no longer served me.

 Don’t get me wrong, I had a great life and now it’s even better. But all growth comes with choices and sometimes they can be painful, sometimes joyful.

The year started with a hiss and  a roar . I was full of enthusiasm for mybusiness and couldn’t wait to serve even more women. I love helping women fallback in love with themselves. I especially love being part of their journey ofrediscovery of their sexuality. It is a deep, intimate part of ourselves that weoften lose in the busyness of mothering, working and being in a relationship.

I knew some things needed changing in my own life – to keep me on an even keel. I needed to put my own needs at the top of my own list and I did. ( I’ll get to that in a minute) Reassessing your life is always a good idea. Looking at what is working and tweaking that so it works even better. Then checking out what isn’t working and making some changes. So I dived into reframing my life.

 Then I learned that my mother (who I hadn’t spoken to for 9 years) was critically ill. She had been diagnosed with inoperable brain tumours. My family chose to close ranks and shut me out even further. The information I got on my mother’s wellbeing  was from an aunty and a niece, dribs and drabs, trickled out.

Here’s the thing – just because you are estranged from your family does not mean the love you have for them goes away


The love you always felt for them is still there, it’s just held at arm’s length for your own protection. In my case, I knew that the last time I spoke to my Mum would be the last time I ever spoke to her. That’s the blessing and the curse of “knowing” things. Hanging up from that call was the hardest thing I’ve ever done… and also the bravest.

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She died on September 30.

Since then I have become even more myself. I have let go of so much shit; released my family, even more, purged and cleansed every aspect of my life. I’ve discovered how much I can handle and how strong I really

Here’s some of the things that have helped:

  •  Detaching from my cell phone:

I took some of the social media apps off my phone and just left the ones I need for my business. That alone was a huge shift. I stopped checking my phone every few minutes and found I was way more productive.
I also turned my phone onto silent. Now when someone rings, unless I amactually looking at my phone at the time, I end up ringing them back when itsuits me.

We don’t have to live our lives at everyone’s beck and call. We can carve out space for ourselves.
I know this seems like too much for some people.  Try it for a day – turn your phone to silent or if that’s too much, put it on vibrate. Not hearing all the notifications pinging and bleeping at you gives you space to concentrate and BE.

It means you can be more fully present with people too. When I meet someone for coffee my phone stays in my bag and I’m not distracted by messages or texts – all of which can wait until I am ready to answer.

  •  Nourishing my body:
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 I chose to be more aware of what I was eating. Notice I didn’t say I started dieting. I didn’t. What I did do was pay attention to what went in my mouth and how it made me feel. It started with a weekend fast – from Friday evening until Monday morning. Doing that showed me how much I  reached for foods to satisfy an emotional need rather than a physical need. Newsflash – we all do that. Regular fasting soon broke that habit.

When Mum died I fasted for the next two days so I could be present with all of my emotions rather than sedate them with food.

 I also started following the Medical Medium, Anthony William. I started off slowly by just adding in 16 oz. of celery juice every morning. I had already been doing this for several months before more passed away. I also added in the heavy metal detox smoothie and lots and lots of fruit end vegies every day. Physically I have been feeling amazing and as a bonus, I have been losing weight.

 I also started walking this time day. This has slipped a bit recently and I miss it so will be bringing that in over the next few days.

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  •  Spending time in Nature:

I have been getting into gardening, specifically herb gardening.I’ve been slowly adding in more and more herbs into the garden and reading up on the benefits of them, I’ve been interested for years – right back to my twenties – and now I finally, have the time and space to cultivate a herb garden. I love going out and harvesting them, putting them on their dryingracks and making potions. The house smells divine. I love walking past the drying rooms and getting a waft of scent from whatever is in there.
I’ve been playing with blending my own herbal teas which is funny because Inever used to like herbal teas. I’ve also made more tinctures and balms and I love it.

  •  Daily journaling

I’ve been journaling – for years and years. This year I made the commitment to do it everyday. I still didn’t … but I did do it more regularly. Once Mum died I did it even more religiously. If you have never had a regular journal practice or you are asking “Yeah, but what do I write?” check out my journal prompt cards .Journal prompts are really the best way to get started.

 I haven’t finished evolving yet but I love the new, upgraded version of me. I wonder what I will let go of next? I wonder who I will be this time next year?

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