Sssshhhh! I have a new addiction and it could be getting out of hand.

I love my yoni eggs!

I currently only have two but have my eyes ( and heart set on) another two… at least for now.

I have a jade egg and a rose quartz one and while I love them both I am having a greater relationship with the jade on at present- though I am sure that will change from time to time.

I love to have my eggs either in me or on me at all times. I carry them in my pockets, in my bra or sleep with them under my pillow or inside me. Once I’ve done my exercise for the day I take my egg out and tuck it into a pouch and snuggle it in my bra for the rest of the day .

So why am I so addicted? It’s really very simple – I feel more connected and tuned in to my own feminine essence when I am using my eggs in this way.Not only do the eggs work on toning your pelvic floor muscles, bring more blood flow to your genitals and aid in lubrication but the crystals themselves also do their wok on you.

On an energetic level yoni eggs open a channel from your genitals to your heart and right up to the crown chakra helping you to embody more of your higher self in your daily life.

I even did a complete podcast all about jade eggs listen to it here . Yes, I have gone egg crazy and I’m loving it. Actually so is my husband, he ‘s noticed how much more vibrant I am and when I told him what I was doing he suggested I keep doing it.

I have also talked recently with Stacey Herrera and we talked all about Skin Hunger and why so many people are suffering from it today. Since that talk I have upped my self care routine and added in more things that bring me pleasure because I think a lot of us a pleasure starved too.

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