Last week I wrote this Too sensitive…. too soft… too and it obviously struck a chord with a lot of people. So this week I thought I’d give you some ideas on how to cope in a world that doesn’t “get”you.

Unusually, for me, I have been out and about mixing with people every. single. day. And it has been absolutely lovely. I have met some amazing new friends and strengthened the bonds with some old friends. I have had delicious lunches in  great locations. I have basked in the sunshine of love and light.

If I had not prepared myself for all of this socializing I would now be feeling like a rung out rag; exhausted and a bit ( who am I kidding?  I would be a lot ) grumpy.

Thankfully I have learnt a few things over the years.

(1) When we built our home I not only blessed the site when it was bull dozed ( after thanking all the earth spirits and devas and fairies – I know, why have they not carted me off to the looney bin???)  we also buried specific crystals in each corner of  where the house would be and a large piece of rose quartz at the “heart”of the home.

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Our house…. being built!

The next layer was when the foundations were laid and then when the gib board went on I wrote affirmations over each doorway into the house asking for blessings of peace and love to all who entered. I also wrote various mantras on certain walls.

What does this do? It built up an energy of healing and love in the home while it was being built.

We also gave a gift to everyone that worked on the home. EVERYONE!  and thanked them for their part in building it.

Not everyone builds their own home but there are still things that you can do to impact the energy in your home. Gridding your home with crystals can be done at any time. Just select crystals with the porperties that you are looking to create and place in all four corners of a given room or of the house itself.

(2) Taking care of the energy in your home by regular space clearing is also a good idea. As we are moving into Spring here in NZ it is the perfect time to not only Spring clean your home but also the energy. There are numerous good books on the subject. Two of my faves are: Sacred Space by Denise Linn and Creating Sacred Space with Feng Shui by Karen Kingston.

Essentially you use vibration from singing bowls, bells, music or clapping or any combination to shift the vibtation in your home. Setting the intention of what it is that you are wanting to create is a good place to start.

 You can also use specific mantras to raise the vibration of your home. “Om mani padme hum” is a good universal mantra or even just “Om”on its own.

(3) I also have numerous geodes and crystals throughout my home as well as statues of Buddha, Ganesha and Kuan Yin to invite in more harmonious energy.

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This one is in my lounge and is about 25kgs

Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps are also great, not just for purifying the air but for creating a relaxing atmosphere.

(4) When it comes to my personal energy I  do several things everyday to keep my energy  clear; meditation, gratitude journaling and EFT practice.

Over at my Facebook page we are doing 100 days of Gratitude, come over and join us for a daily reminder on what to be grateful for.

(4) When I know I am going to be in a crowded environment or when dealing with clients I wear specific crystal pendants. I particularly like one from Life Energy that is embedded with Solfeggio frequencies
( seriously go check out their website for info on these and no I don’t get a commission – I just really believe in their products)

I first discovered them years ago when they were making Negaters ( in fact I have one of the first ones they made) and now that they have added in crystal pendants its all I can do to stop myself buying one of each!

How do you keep your energy clear? Leave me a comment below.

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