I just read a great blog post on things we need to let go of to help our kids. In it she talks about how kids these days have a sense of entitlement that we didn’t back in the day and I would like to add that it’s not just kids ore teenagers or Gen x or whatever.

It is all of us.

We have taken the planet for granted for too long. We take the privileges that we have as a first world country for granted for too long. We have forgotten how blessed we are to have electricity at the flick of a switch , hot and cold running water inside our homes, a pantry stocked with food, a car to take us where we  need to go and a closet full of clothes.

There was a disaster in Vanuatu recently, a country not far from mine, and the devastation was overwhelming but what was even more  amazing was seeing how these people had been living before the disaster. Most lived with a tin roof generally held down by something heavy instead of nails which are hard to come by. And after the cyclone they are recycling what few nails they had to rebuild. After the disaster food was in short supply and a simple cabbage was for sale for $25. I bought one here in NZ for $2.

The trouble is we don’t see it. We are safe and secure in our own little bubble. Sure, it is on the nightly news amidst the usual litany of murder and mayhem so we can tune it out and carry on with our own busy lives. While we watch our flat screen tev’s and moan about the speed of our internet connection a vast majority of the world are wondering if they will have something to eat tonight or if they will get bombed in their homes. They worry about the drinking water and how safe it is to drink while we use it to flush the toilet or have another shower.

I am not saying that we should go back to those days but more that we should take more time to give thanks for all that we do have. I’m not talking about merely paying lip service to it either but really think about what our lives would be like without all those luxuries that we take for granted.

Take some time each day to give thanks for one thing; running water or electricity or great cell phone reception. Then delve deeper into the why you are grateful for it. What does having access to this allow you to do? How does it impact on your overall quality of life.

Then extend it further and look at the people in your life and give thanks for them. again look at the deeper why of it. What do they bring to your life and how would you feel if they were no longer part of it? Write them love letter and let them know just how much they mean to you. Don’t wait until Valentine’s day or Mothers Day or some other prescribed day to love them , love them now and let them know. Having recently lost a mother in law, a brother and a dear friend I know only too well that life is short and it is worth enjoying and embracing every minute of life.

Here’s my gratidue for today:

(1) I am grateful for my darling husband who loves me unconditionally and always has my back and supports me in all my crazy dreams.

(2) I am grateful that I have followed my heart and finally put my book out there in the world so I can help other women learn to love themselves. You can get your copy of The Goddess Guide to Sex, Love and Life here

(3) I am grateful for our beautiful cosy, warm home  and the abundance of fruit that we have on our trees which enables us to preserve it for over winter while still having enough to share with family and friends.

(4) I am grateful for my healthy body that enables me to do whatever I want with ease and grace.

(5) I am grateful for my connection to the internet and all the information I have at my fingertips and also for the ability to connect with friends and family where ever they are in the world.

What are you grateful for today? Make  gratitude a new part of your daily routine.

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