I am talking about pubic hair. Why? Because for some reason, that is still unclear to me, we now feel like we have to remove every hair from our body except for those on our head. Every other hair though is somehow suspect and best ripped from the body after covering in with wax.

Reading articles such as this tend to confirm my view that its all a bit wrong ( just my opinion folks). The one ( and only ) time I shaved my pubic hair was in my early twenties and seeing myself returned to that prepubescent state was just a bit icky.
I am a WOMAN not a girl and I choose to look like a woman.

And then there is the fact that pubic hair is there for a reason ( You can read stories  here and here )
Yes, that tuft of fluff that covers your mons is there for a reason. Its not just a decoration or something to be shaped, dyed or trimmed into submission.

Frankly, I blame Barbie  and her hairless  approximation of womanhood that we all seem to grow up with and want to emulate. We have been brainwashed into believing that being hairless is a woman’s natural state.
The sad thing is that young men are also being brainwashed into thinking that hair is ‘dirty’ and needs to be removed.

Are we becoming more and more, hairless, sexless drones?  It seems like we are. we have males modelling as females here and females modelling as males here.

How about we start accepting that women grow hair on other places than their heads and be comfortable with that? How about we stop trying to emulate porn stars, or feeling that we have to be completely bare for reasons of cleanliness? Really ? Are we still convinced that our vagina’s are somehow inherently dirty?
And could we please stop comparing it to plants that need to be trimmed like this commercial for women’s razors http://youtu.be/bfzI_NcET-c

How do you feel about your pubic hair? Do you go bare or barely there?

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