Fueling the feminine is a concept that I have been toying with for the past few weeks and months.

The truth is that we live in a masculine world. This is detrimental to our feminine psyche. Don’t get me wrong, this article isn’t about bashing the masculine or blaming the males in the world for anything and everything. This masculine world is just as hard on males as it is on females.

It constricts all of us into clearly defined and stereotypical roles and declares that we are “ball busting bitches” or “nancy, gay, men” if we dare to step out of them. Men are taught to suppress all of their emotions and women are taught to appear helpless and subservient. I just found this article from the Huffington Post about a homework assignment sent out to a class.

This disempowers both sexes and leaves all of us disconnected from both the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves.

What disconnects us:

How did we get disconnected from our Divine Feminine in the first place? Aren’t we just naturally feminine if we are born female?

The short answer is; maybe.

The long answer is that in reality we are born gender neutral and shaped by the way that those around us treat us and this carries on our whole lives.

Girls are given everything pink and taught to nurture and care for others, to put others needs first and to “mother” with baby dolls and tea parties.

Boys are taught to be active and explore and get out into the world with trucks and “action figures”.

Girls are taught to be quiet and “ladylike” . They are discouraged from climbing trees and getting dirty.

The programming becomes so ingrained in us that we forget to be any other way. We buy the whole “girls love pink” ethos.

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And its all a lie.

What fuels the feminine?

Women thrive on connection. We need our besties to hang out with and share our stories with. We need our partner to be our rock, our safe place to land and rest our weary heads We thrive when we connect with nature – either through walks on the beach or forest or pursuits like gardening where we literally connect with the earth.

Women thrive when they are supported  – when they have a space to share their dreams, goals, and visions and d receive encouragement.

Women are fueled by other women. Women have been gathering in circles for years to receive nurturance and support.

We are fueled by beauty. we love to surround our selves with things that make our heart sing – whether that is crystals or art or flowers – we need beauty.

Embracing our sensual nature helps us to stay tuned in to ourselves and our bodies. Paying attention to what lights up our senses and doing more of that.

Our feminine selves have been domesticated for too long and letting ourselves embrace the wild aspect of ourselves will light us up and fuel us greater than anything else. Nothing beats a good cackle with your girlfriends to lift your spirits and bring us back to JOY!

What fuels your feminine energy? When was the last time you took part in that?


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