Spring is getting closer. Once we passed Winter solstice the energy shifted and things began to feel lighter and brighter. Did you feel the shift?
I know I did.
I’ve already started decluttering and letting go of all sorts of old stuff: clothes have been sorted and sent to the op shop, cupboards are being cleaned out, photos have been sorted and some have been either ditched or framed. I love a good Spring clean regardless of whether it is Spring or not. Clearing clutter and ditching the old always feels invigorating,
While I was sorting through all the photos I found lots of old birthday cards, cards from when my babies were born and letters. some were from people long since forgotten and some were quite poignant, lots of them had to go.
We hold on to all this stuff – emotional and physical – and we forget that we can let it go. Seriously, why do we need to hold onto birthday cards from birthdays long ago? What are we saving them for? To show that we are loved? To remember that we used to be younger? I’m sure we don’t need birthday cards to remind us of that. So why do we hang onto them?
Letting go of anything is never easy but the relief when we do can be palpable. Once we let go we create space for more to come into our life. If all our shelves are full and all our cupboards and there is no room on the bookshelf or the wardrobe where can new things land? When our homes are full of clutter we can feel overwhelmed and disorganized. Life can feel chaotic and out of control.
Believe it or not, it is the same for our emotional storehouse.
Every now and then we need to go in and cut ties, disconnect from relationships that are well past their best by date and make way for new relationships to come in. It may sound a bit drastic but making way for new energetic relationships can feel liberating. Let’s face it sometimes we hold onto friends just because we have known them a long time when the reality is we no longer have anything in common. With the advent of social media, especially Facebook, people from our past can reach out to “friend” us when we only have a vague recollection of who they are and how we know them. It’s not unusual to see people with thousands of “friends” on Facebook who they don’t actually know in real life. Okay, I admit I’m guilty of this too ( although mine is only a couple of hundred) but every now and then I do a cull of people who I have forgotten how I connected to them in the first place.
What do I mean by “Emotional Spring Clean”
Emotional Spring Cleaning is clearing the emotional debris from your life and also from your energetic system. When we are in a relationship – any kind of relationship – with another person we form energetic ties to them. Some relationships will form strong emotional energetic ties (lovers, sexual partners) some the ties are thinner (workmates, acquaintances), all of them need clearing when the relationship is over.
We know we need to get rid of the physical remains of a relationship – we get rid of all the stuff that reminds us of them: photos, gifts they gave us, anything that feels like a connection but we forget about the emotional remains.

Four Reasons to do an Emotional Spring Clean

(1) You constantly rehash old arguments
If the relationship ended a while ago and you are still having conversations in your head with them chances are you still have emotional ties that you need to clear. We both know you are never going to get the chance to say those things and even if you do, you probably won’t.

(2) They still come up in your daily converstaions
You broke up 6 months ago (or 6 years ago) and yet you are still talking about them and all the shit that went on when you were together.

(3) It ended badly
You were BFF’s one day and mortal enemies another. You’re still not sure exactly how it happened and you still miss them and wonder how they are doing. Occasionally, you stalk their Facebook profile or other social media sites they are on. Okay, you do it a lot. You know you need to stop but somehow you just can’t

(4) You keep having the same kind of relationship
Maybe your last relationship was with someone who cheated and this relationship is also with a cheater. Oprah calls this “same bloke, different pants”. If every relationship has the same theme then chances are you need to do some work letting go of the emotional debris from past relationships.

Now we have figured out why to do an emotional spring clean let’s talk about the how.

(1) Yoni Eggs
In my upcoming webinar, I talk about all the ways yoni eggs can help us to release old relationships and why we need to. Did you know that some of the emotional baggage that we carry is not even ours? It can come from our mother or our grandmother.
Yoni eggs are a great tool for emotional healing as they press on key acupressure points in the vaginal canal for the heart (love), the liver (anger), the lungs (grief) the kidneys ( fear) and the spleen.
(2) Journaling
Journaling helps us to get all the stuff out of our head and down on paper. Unlike talking it helps us to process the issues without deepening the connections. Weh we talk about anything it deepens the neural connections – the more we talk about it the deeper the neural pathway becomes. Journaling helps to pick up the needle and move it to another groove so to speak.
These are just two ways to begin your emotional healing journey. Make sure to sign up for my webinar on August 5 at 3 pm NZT “Emotional Healing with Yoni Egg”

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