Last week I wrote about  building up the intimacy in your relationship that it takes work and like a muscle it will get flabby if you don’t use it.

Which kind of got me thinking about the other intimacy muscle that we are supposed to flex on a regular basis and often forget about all together. Yes, I am referring to the pelvic floor muscle. Now, guys before you click away from the page thinking this isn’t relevant for you, take a breath and keep reading because guys need to do their pelvic floor exercises too.

Reasons to do your pelvic floor exercises

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From Doreen Virtue

That’s right, just as ladies need to practise their pelvic floor exercises to maintain good blood flow to their genitals and keep their vaginal walls snug, men need to do their pelvic floor exercises too. Doing your pelvic floor exercises ( if you are a man) will massage the prostate gland and maintain good blood flow to your genitals which has to be a good thing surely?

Pelvic floor exercises are on of the simplest forms of exercise that we can do. In fact I’m doing mine as I sit and write this so you can’t get easier than that. Here’s a link for the men, even though he is talking about after care from prostate cancer, far better to start looking after your prostate NOW!

Here;s a link for women, and yes ladies, we need to do them regardless of whether or not we have had babies or are thinking of having babies.

We just have to make ourselves more of a priority. We have to put some thought into caring for ourselves. And if we don’t care for ourselves who else is going to?

Self care also means more than just going through the motions of exercising, brushing your teeth, showering. It also means looking after your emotional well being, your physical wellbeing including the parts of you that you take for granted or tend not to pay much attention to.

Good genital health

There are certain minerals that men require to maintain good prostate health and those are selenium and zinc and just like men need them for their prostates we need selenium and iodine for our breast health . In fact we should all be taking a good liquid mineral supplement to help us stay healthy. Men lose minerals every time they ejaculate so definitely need to keep those minerals topped up. Teenage boys can become quite minerally depleted due to masturbation so Mums make sure you are giving your boys a liquid mineral.

And now that I have mentioned the “m”word lets just focus on it for a minute. Nobody wants to talk about it or admit to it but the truth is it is a healthy thing to do. Ladies, listen up, this applies to you too. Our genitals require blood flow to keep them functioning in an optimal fashion and there is no better way to increase the blood flow to your genitals than masturbation  ( well there is sex, of course, but if that is not an option then self sex is good substitute!!).

Masturbation also keeps your libido cranking. You know the old saying “Use it or lose it”? Well that definitely applies when you are talking about your libido. It doesn’t take much for it to go into hibernation and can take a while to get kick started again

We all know about avoiding STD’s (or whatever the latest abbreviation is for sexually transmitted disease is) ( we do, right??? )  and since I have been off the dating scene for over twenty years I can only talk about what I know, which is a loving committed relationship. So always carry your condoms, always! And use them. They won’t prevent anything left in the bottom of your handbag or in your wallet.

Talking about probiotics

Another key ingredient to genital health is good gut flora ( who knew?) Yup, probiotics help maintain the right flora in our genitals and ladies there are even specific brands of probiotics for us. We can also care for our lady parts by eating regular amounts of fermented foods  such as kefir ( waaaaayyyy more bacteria than just yoghurt), fermented vegetables and drinking kombucha.

Happy gut = happy you.

And while we are discussing bacteria, using coconut oil as a lubricant is great for maintaining good health. Coconut oil is antibacterial, anti fungal and anti microbial and will help with thrush. It’s also good to eat!

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