Your pelvic floor is vital to good health and well being and yet we largely ignore it unless we are pregnant. That’s about the only time someone mentions it to you and tells you to start doing your pelvic floor exercise.

The rest of the time we go on our merry way giving little thought to a part of our anatomy that literally holds us all together.

Recently, I have been interviewing women for my next book and hearing stories that will make you tighten your pelvic floor just listening to them. Stories of uterine prolapse and rectal prolapse and these are young women, women in their thirties and forties.

My mother had a uterine prolapse in her late forties after bearing 5 kids which meant I heard about Kegel’s at a young age. I was only in my teens at the time and I remember joking with my sister and cousin pulling all sorts of weird faces as attempted to do them.

Here’s what I know now – a weak pelvic floor is no joke.

Uterine prolapse affects hundreds of women a year – in all age ranges . There are four levels of prolapse from minor to major and all of them will result in long term care being needed to fix.

Here’s some tips to help you maintain the health of your pelvic floor

(1) Good Bowel habits

Straining wreaks havoc on your pelvic floor muscles. The reality is we shouldn’t need to strain as that is a sign of constipation. Getting enough fiber in our diet is of utmost importance for our overall health as well as our pelvic floor health.
Squatting is the best position for evacuating your bowel – with a side bonus of being a great position for your pelvic floor too.

(2) Squat.

Squatting is great for toning your pelvic floor muscles. The easiest way to start squatting is by resting your back against the wall and lowering your body  like you are about to sit in a chair. Do ten reps a day.

(3) Exercise your muscles

Knowing how to do your pelvic floor exercises is the key. A lot of women think to that squeezing the buttocks or thighs is helping with their pelvic floor. It isn’t. Ideally your buttocks and thighs stay relaxed and you can feel the lift and squeeze of your pelvic floor .
Start to identify which muscles to use by stopping mid flow next time you pee. For a great description read this article

Yoni Eggs
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Yoni eggs, like weightlifting for your vagina

(4) Yoni Eggs  

Yoni eggs are amazing. I like to think of them as weightlifting for your vagina.  The fastest way to boost the strength of any muscle is by lifting weights and that is exactly what these eggs do. By doing your exercises with a yoni egg inside your vagina you immediately boost the effectiveness of those exercises.
Then there are the benefits of the crystals that you choose to use which are an added bonus. I truly believe every women needs a yoni egg.

(5) Make time

Maintaining your pelvic floor is worth investing your time in.

The alternatives don’t bear thinking about ;

Incontinence pads
Bladder and Bowel Prolapse ( after or before hysterectomy)
Even if you have had a hysterectomy you still need to maintain your pelvic floor muscles so as to prevent further prolapsing of the bladder and bowel.

I’m not trying to scare you. I am trying to educate you on things that we often don’t talk about. all the women I have spoken to in my research said they wish they had known earlier how important their pelvic exercises were.

Start caring for yours today.



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