We are ready to tick over into the new year and this is the time that we start looking forward to what we want to change and improve.  We start setting New year resolutions or intentions. We look at all the things that we want to change or improve in our lives.

Here’s my five big lessons for the year:

(1) Investing in yourself is the only way to shift from where you are to where you want to be

When I did this in June last year with my awesome business coach Min Giannini everything changed. Up until then, I would have told you that I was doing everything right for my business.. but I still didn’t feel visible or heard. Now the message I get constantly is ” I see you everywhere!’ which is not a bad thing when you are in business. 
Where do you need to invest in yourself? Is it your health? Or your vision for your life?

(2) Manifesting is easy…. if you let it be.

We all get caught up in the idea that things have to be hard work. Life is actually simple. Manifesting is actually simple. You set your intention and let go of the outcome and get busy taking all the inspired actions that you can. Then you celebrate like a MOFO when the least little thing shows up.
While you are waiting for the miracles to happen you shower gratitude upon the Universe; for the sun coming up, for the clouds, for the rain, for the parking space, for the coins you found – every.little.thing. And then magic happens and more show up.
What miracles are you waiting for? What actions are you taking to move you to where you want to be? Are you celebrating the small wins?

(3) Surround yourself with people who “get” you.

I have made so many friends in FB groups this year and that network is shifting things for me in a big way. I have done one radio interview, three podcasts and one summit interview al from connections I made online. this is just the beginning and I will be sharing more of those as they come up. Check out my Media page to listen to the ones that are already live. More will be coming up in February.
Do your friends “get” you? Where can you extend your network? Who is draining you?

(4) We need a strong foundation.

I have been studying the pelvic floor…. a LOT and now realize how vital it is to EVERYTHING. And I do mean everything – even our breathing relies on our pelvic floor – seriously!

If we don’t lay a strong foundation everything starts to wobble and that is never a good look. It is the same when it comes to our pelvic floor. As the foundation for our body, holding it all together if it’s weak, everything is weak.

How can you strengthen your foundation?

(5) When you are passionate about what you do it doesn’t feel like work.

I have never been happier in my work than I am right now. I feel like I have finally found my groove and my niche and I can’t wait to get to work.

Doing what you love feels fun and easy and effortless. There is no dragging yourself to work or forcing yourself to work. It is the best feeling in the world.. and you get paid to do it. Win, win! They say the best thing is to design a life that you don’t need a holiday from and that includes the work that you do. Yes, you need to take a break and relax but not because you hate your job but just to recharge.

Have you found work that you love? How can you make your life one that you love?

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