My husband has the flu at the moment.

Some people like to refer to this phenomenon as “man flu” meaning that when men get sick they are somehow sicker or weaker than women, who just carry on regardless of how ill they are.

Neither of these things is true.

When I am sick I like to take to my bed (hello bed, I love you). I like to be coddled and taken care of. Does this always happen? No. Would it be great if it did? Absolutely, but often I still have  shit to do.

When my husband is sick I have to cajole him into taking time off work and even then,he won’t stay in bed and doesn’t like me taking care of him -or as he calls it “making a fuss of him”.

So can we just call “Bullshit” on the whole Man Flu thing?  And while we are at it let’s get rid of a few other tropes that separate and segregate us.

Not all women like pink.

Not all men are tough and unemotional.

Not all women nag.

Not all men are handy men and can fix anything.

Not all women love shoes.

Not all men are useless at looking  after their kids.

Not all women are bitches.

Not all men are bastards.

If we want everyone to be equal then lets put the bullshit aside and realise that we are all just people.

 None of us are from Mars.

None of us are from Venus.

We are from a beautiful blue planet called Earth..

PS Congratulations to the US for finally making Gay Marriage legal. Or as the rest of us like to refer to it, marriage.

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