Yesterday my husband and I had an argument – nothing savage, just a miscommunication that led to frayed nerves, tension and a general feeling of “BLAH” throughout the house.

Since I practice what I preach I woke up this morning and set about shifting that “Yuck -ness” out of the house, out of the bed, out as far as I could shift it.

Actually, to be honest, I started last night. I grabbed my journal and wrote it all out. Not the who said what but all the feelings and issues that had been raised. Three pages later and I felt much better and calmer. Then I decided to run a bath, a great purifying ritual if ever there was one. In went the Epsom salt and the essential oils and then in went me  for a good twenty minute soak.
Then I took myself off to do some self reiki and a good nights sleep = BLISS.
Once I got up I decided the house needed a good cleanse so out came my white sage bundle and I smudged everything, including myself. The house now smells divine and the energy feels much clearer.
Out came the Inner Domestic Goddess and everything got a good once over- vacuumed, dusted, wiped and spritzed. Then it was time to strip the bed and get that refreshed as well. Sheets and blankets are now out on the line getting some fresh air drying so my bed will smell DIVINE tonight.
And through all of that I have been listening to my favorite music – LOUD!
Shifting the vibration of your house is vital to keeping your energy high. I like to move my furniture around from time to time too. This helps the energy from stagnating. So does opening all the windows and letting in lots of fresh air – not always easy in the middle of winter but worth it on the days that you can.
It isn’t until you have cleansed and shifted the energy in your home that you realize just how “icky” it was before.
How do you shift the energy in your home? What techniques have you used and what differences have you noticed?

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