Sunday  October 14   @3PM NZ

Self Love and Acceptance with Yoni Eggs STARTS IN:

Self Love and Acceptance with Yoni Eggs








emotional healing with yoni eggs
Presented by: Caitlin Grace, Yoni Egg and Self Love Coach


Self Love and Acceptance with Yoni Eggs

Due to a family death this has been rescheduled until Sunday 14 October

Yoni eggs are incredible tools for our pelvic floor.

But they do much, much more than just that.

Yoni eggs can help clear old relationship energy out of our body. They can help us heal emotional wounds from the past and the present. Yoni eggs reconnect us to our sensual, sexual selves while healing us on a very deep level.

If you have ever wondered if there was a metaphysical component to your “womanly issues” the answer is YES and yoni eggs are the tool to help you shift that.

If you have ever wondered why you keep having the same kinds of relationship over and over and how to change that yoni eggs can help with that too.

Self Love and acceptance is the key. It is the very foundation on which we build our lives and yet we are never taught how to love and accept ourselves. What’s even worse is we never see it modeled for us either

During this FREE webinar you will learn:

How our self love gets undermined

Hoet s
Why self love is the foundation for a GREAT life

Why healing our emotional shit helps us accept ourselves

WhicwhaWhatWhTheWhaWhat emotions get stored

The number one yoni egg you need for emotional healing

Plus much, much more!

Sunday 14 October at 3pm NZT

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