Wednesday April 10 @1pm NZT Emotional Healing with Yoni Eggs STARTS IN:

Emotional Healing with Yoni Eggs








emotional healing with yoni eggs
Presented by: Caitlin Grace, Yoni Egg and Self Love Coach

Emotional Healing with Yoni Eggs

We all have our emotional baggage that we lug around from one relationship to the next.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could put it down, unpack it and never have to look at it again?

Yoni eggs are your secret weapon.

People have the mistaken idea that they are just for healing your pelvic floor and improving your sex life…. and they do that and SO MUCH MORE!


Don’t get me wrong, if that’s all you want then you can easily do that BUT wouldn’t it be great to harness all the crystal yoni egg healing power and shift some SHIT? Like that emotional shit, I was talking about earlier? Yeah, wouldn’t it be great to let that stuff GO and reignite the energy, creativity and, PASSION that you used to have before all that shit happened?

Getting rid of what weighs us down frees us up to be all that we are meant to be.

Now I know that sounds like a bold claim BUT after the crazy year I had last year and the loss of both my parents, within a few months of each other, the tools I used to find my way back to myself are exactly what I will be sharing with you in this webinar.



During this FREE webinar you will learn:

How our self love gets undermined

Hoet s
Why self love is the foundation for a GREAT life

Why healing our emotional shit helps us accept ourselves

WhicwhaWhatWhTheWhaWhat emotions get stored

The number one yoni egg you need for emotional healing

Plus much, much more!

Wednesday  April 10 at 1pm NZT

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