Dear Women of the World,

You are not broken.

You are not something that needs to be fixed.

All the messages that you are receiving that are telling you that this magic pill will slim you down or this diet or this shampoo will make your hair full and glossy and able to be tossed over your shoulder in one gorgeous, smooth swathe or that your period will be a breeze if you just use this tampon, it is all LIES!

You are enough – just as you are right now. All of your imperfections and flaws are what make you beautiful and human and more YOU than any commercial could ever make you.

Please stop listening to all the shit in the women’s magazines ( actually please just stop buying those, it only encourages them to print even more of the same shit) that tells you how to get “bikini ready” (you already are! Just go buy one and put it on) or how to “lose a dress size in a week” ( that’s why Spanx were invented!) or “how to please your man” (guess what? He already loves you and longs to please you! True story.)

You are enough.

And as for the worries about the grey, hair have you seen what the latest fashion trend is? Young women are dying their hair various shades of grey, platinum and silver because, the simple fact of the matter is, silver is SEXY! We’ve all heard the term Silver Foxes applied to men once their hair turns so it is time we started embracing ours too.

Wrinkles? All of those are war wounds, battle scars and treasures to show that we have LIVED and survived, that we have birthed life, from our very bodies. We have seen stuff and been through things and WE ARE STILL HERE. Let’s not fight the aging process because the opposite – dying young, is not something I relish.

In fact it is time for us to rage, rage against the dying of the light ( thank you Dylan Thomas) and give thanks for all our body has been though. We need to honour our process of living and not meekly hang our heads and feel that we are no longer valid, vital  members of society. It is time to stop kowtowing to the fashion industry, style gurus, beauty industry, and realise that they are just trying to sell us something. They don’t care about us, they care about their bottom line and if they can keep us insecure about our looks, our worthiness, our bodies then they will do all they can to keep doing it so they can sell us even more.

I’ll say it again, YOU. ARE. ENOUGH.  Right now. Here . Today. Just as you are. You are worthy and valuable and beautiful, now.

And that won’t change. No matter how old you get, how wrinkled and grey, you are still enough.

Look at the faces of your loved ones when you walk into a room, their faces will light up with love now that you are here. Your lover, your kids, your grandkids – to them you are everything and how you look has no bearing on that at all.

You are enough.

Lots of love ,
Me .

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