We get so busy living our life that we forget to stop and celebrate just how far we have some.  Days blend into weeks . Weeks blend into months and before you know it another year has slipped by.

This year I turned 56 and I want to celebrate every one of those years.

My eldest brother died when he was 56 – two months before his 57th birthday. He had cancer and when he was diagnosed he took up floristry – something he had always loved and never done.

This year my Mum died – just a couple of weeks ago, also of cancer.

When loved ones pass it makes you that much more aware of the passing of the years and how short our lives really are.

Today I read this article and decided that my life is worth celebrating. I’ve achieved a few dreams and life is good. It is worth stopping, every now and then, and realising how great life truly is.

In my 56 years I have :

In the early years:

  • Moved from Glasgow, Scotland to Auckland NZ. I was 3.
  • Lost my accent  🙁
  • Broken the same arm four times. FOUR TIMES! The first was when my sister pushed me down the stairs when I was about 2.
  • Decided skateboarding wasn’t for me (Arm break number 2)
  • Developed an aversion to jandals (flip flops if you’re and Ozzie) (Arm break number 3)
  • Learned that using the jungle gym in the rain is NOT a good idea. ( arm break number 4)

Then the teen years:

  • Saw the Beach Boys Live at Western Springs. First concert ever.
  • Watched Bob Marley live at Western Springs through haze of dope smoke.
  • Went to The Boomtown Rats at Auckland city hall
  • Left home to live in a bus
  • Lived the hippie lifestyle – in the bush, no electricity, cooking on a woodstove, barefoot and pregnant.
  • Made bread from scratch and cooked it in a woodstove – daily.

Oh to be in my twenties again

  • Got married then discovered I was pregnant.
  • Moved house 6 times in 18 months with two little kids – not fun.
  • Saw Neil Young in concert while 8 months pregnant.
  • Gave birth to kid number one without anaesthetic in Kaitaia hospital
  • Washed nappies in an old fashioned wringer washing machine driven by a lawn mower motor – so noisy.
  • Gave birth to kid number two without anaesthetic
  • Left husband number one when baby two was 5 months old
  • Tried again.
  • Moved to the Bay of Islands
  • Set up a business
  • Tried sailing on a yacht – didn’t like it at all
  • Saw Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Pink Floyd live at Western Springs. All great concerts
  • Went to Toni Childs in concert in Whagarei
  • Laughed myself sill at Billy Connolly stand up shows 3 x

Ahhh the thirties were good years

  • Got pregnant with child number three after splitting from husband one
  • Ended my marriage
  • Met my sweet, sweet man and his four daughters
  • Had a divorce party. Everyone came.
  • Blended two families together
  • Stayed sane – just.
  • Travelled around the top of the South Island with a three year old
  • Won a $50,000 Peugeot cabriolet. Sold it. And a years supply of chocolate – ate it!
  • Moved to the Bay of Plenty
  • Studied Feng Shui
  • Took up chanting for 40 minutes a day = BLISS!

Fabulous at forty

  • Survived the teen years of two daughters and three sons – stayed sane but grew grey hair!
  • Went overseas on my own – only to Australia but still scary!
  • Stayed In Kings Cross on my own !!
  • Learned Journey therapy so travelled back and forth to OZ a few times in one year.
  • Trained in Thought Field Therapy ( now called tapping)
  • Mastered  Reiki up to level 3
  • Tried and tried and tried again at various businesses

But wait there’s more!

  • Managed a health shop
  • Ran a regular meditation circle
  • Held a weekly meditation class for 18 months! It was only supposed to be a six week course
  • Lived in a shed while our house was being built. Felt like going back in time to the hippie days.
  • Built a beautiful home on three acres – still a hippie at heart!
  • Planned my wedding to my sweet, sweet man
  • Fell out with my parents
  • Had a nervous breakdown
  • Survived – stronger than ever
  • Had an amazing Fairy wedding with (nearly) all the kids present. (Daughter number two had just given birth in OZ)
  • Wrote a book – you can check it out here
  • Managed a crystal shop
  • Planted shit loads of fruit trees on our wee patch of dirt. (Ok I supervised but , whatever)
  • Told by two clients that I have saved their lives – get me right in the feels every time.
  • Became a Yoni Egg coach


When was the last time you stopped and reviewed your achievements? What about the last time you celebrated your awesomeness? Maybe today is a good day to do just that.



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